► 2013 Audi RS5 Convertible INSANE SOUND!!!

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http://www.facebook.com/youcarpress The four-seat convertible with a cloth soft top entices with a unique combination of elegance and power. Its 4.2 FSI, a high-revving naturally aspirated…


feras Ajmi says:

love it

Rahul Karthik says:
TheMegaCONARTIST says:
ラシュランジョージ says:
beechface1 says:

What’s a slut doing driving a car like that?

Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

Thank you Audi!

onno1231 says:

only if it was hardtop id love it more :(

Jefrey Issbell says:

oh yeah it is.

kernowrock555 says:


Duarte Henriques says:

not a single drift or power slide…

MrSgrossm1 says:

Is that Vicki Butler-Henderson?

Shakrom says:

You won’t see a hardtop on any real performance oriented convertible. It
simply is too heavy.

Geogieporgie says:

The sound is intoxicating, the presence is undeniable, and, above all, it’s
an Audi.

TheEryk03 says:


Shakrom says:

Me too…I like them better anyway. ;)

tcmdo99 says:

Does anyone know if this car in the video is the optional sport exhaust or
the standard?

Kevin Deegan says:

Now, this. I like. It’s a 4 Seater Stylish convertible, not too long and
not too short. Just the right size. It’s also Luxurious,aaand… It’s
practically a Sports Car!

Ottokar0712 says:

Whenyou have to get a 2000kg car going, any engine will have to produce a
lot of noise. If you’re already in for a convertible super sports, choose
the right one, the M3 cabrio.

ehsan m says:

i hate this car, i love my super ugly peugeot

kempowarrior says:

I saw one of this one the street on my way to work, wow….. it was very
beautiful. Especially, the front and it new solid LED headlight stripe.

king eazy says:

Sepang Blue

Bu Jassim says:

Myyyyy favvvvvv colour

BankruptViking says:

edge off human engeneering…stunning!

Afuwking914 says:

AUDI OVER BMW!!! their interior and exterior is way more classy and elegant
than bmw and performance + Quattro all wheel drive is something bmw will
never have

Glauco Fernando says:


Alan says:

Soft top is lighter

justasattube says:

love European cars…

Lab Flash says:

what colour is it?

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