► 2013 BMW 7-Series facelift (750 Li)

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http://www.youcar.tv Body: new LED headlights and subtle new design features. Dynamic lines and perfectly balanced proportions continue to lie at the heart o…


Ahmad Abunijem says:

I’m have this car

Mr1979baby says:

the only thing I dont like is the new back design its cramped and
unappealing compared to the last model

Javier Magana says:

this car is sick!!

Bobby Croghan says:

Still ugly, with no fluid design language.

PornoChef1 says:


HackZiLLa says:

I would choose this over S class anyday

FloWeGoPro says:

Now First 750d xDrive 0-100 Test Drive Video is online on Youtube!!

SwiftHDX says:

Agreed, it’s extremely ugly.

dingoklectos says:

Boring, bland design. Lexus LS460 will throw this out of the water. Not to
mention the beautiful Park Assist feature.

harshal chauhan says:

forever bmw

smith wesson says:

in 2022 that baby is mine! it should be half price by than

Mixaliss Tsak says:

So beautiful! How much?$

Cristian Baban says:

Nice !

ledgeri says:

What is in the middle of the leds (previoulsly xenon place..)? (Lamp or
just something not lihting…)

A Boss says:

can someone tell me the song at the begining

AeroSixWJ says:

What’s the name of the first song?

Raphael Machiels says:

the 7 is statistically better in every way but does come with a hefty
options list. Looks are up to you; so there.

john melwak says:

love my 7, best car i have ever owned!

Lho0oF says:

شف الطبيعه كـيف , يالله الجنه

superstan121 says:

Tweeter for the Bang & Olufsen sound system

HackZiLLa says:

you look like shit

CantoshLP says:

Hässlich ohne Ende :)

ابن الحوطة says:

سيارة لاتحتاج الى دعاية .. انها رائعة

chantal collange says:


bestisbmw says:

GOD HE IS ALIVE !!! 4:57

TheMetroidGamer says:

i gave you a thumb up, maybe it’ll help ;)

ziad almaliky says:


Maria das Santos says:

I’m going to have to go back to school just to drive a car what with all
the gizmos.

Global Indefinitely says:

7 series, gayest car, no kidding!

TheMateusz535 says:


MySmegma says:

i would take 7 series because of its sportiness and good driving
characteristics.. If I’m looking for car with perfect interior, comfort and
luxury I will take S-class

HackZiLLa says:

lol lexus…gtfo.. bmw = beast mode interior and exterior

GoPro Flying says:

As much as I like this car, the design just doesn’t look as 21st century as
modern Mercedes and Audi.

mohamed Saad says:


TheYoooth says:

If you are driving this car you are an idiot. If you are getting driven
around in this car you are a boss.

kalidkka says:

I hope someone buys it for me as a gift for Christmas xD

TheGarvito says:

Live the new LED headlights and new instrument cluster! Way to go BMW!

bander3040 says:

الله يرزقنا الجنه

hsmarlon says:

I love it. I just got to find out how to afford one!!!

nitin madhia says:

i never had o top comment :(

qwerty12345470 says:

$153,763 USD.

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