► 2014 BMW M4 Coupe – Test Drive on Race Track

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The new BMW M3 Sedan and new BMW M4 Coupe from BMW M GmbH see a return to a six-in-line engine configuration, as used on the second and third generations of …


TheSCR1899 says:

Calm your tits. The Microphone is shit. This car sounds amazing in real


sounds like a car with a broken muffler…

bliglum says:

Sounds like shit

Aaron Webb says:

Bang goes the era of awesome sounding BMW M Cars… Damn.

And that gold colour’s absolutely, facking awful… 


Thank to the inclusion of the M4, the M lineup (excluding the SUV’s) formed
their own little version of Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum (M3-M4-M5-M6)

JamesJDMoe says:

I love the sound. incredible

Cordovarian says:

I wish it had the sound of the e46′s i6

Shane Earley says:

I really like the new BMW M4 but not to sure about the sound. I think the
previous M3 V8 had a much nicer muscular soundtrack, the M4 has a twin
turbo straight 6 and it just doesnt sound as good.

rjl91788 says:

Why would they put the silencing valve in the exhaust of an M car?
Everytime you let off the throttle, the valve closes for a “quiet ride” and
makes a farting sound. Major fail.

phantom2k10 says:

the car is a beast,but the colour? c’mon son

i hoped of the bus at night and saw an m3 do a road runner(the cartoon)
right past me and i just turned around and shook my head.just gonna have to
work hard if i want the finer things in life,right?

MIke Mancino says:

geez the S65 V8 sounded worlds better….

Kavish P says:

Sounds like a Golf R

youngprankster94 says:

Sounds so shit…mercedes c63 wayyy better

waclosh says:

In sounds weird and gearshifts really sound slow. Is this even a
double-clutch gearbox?

Jack says:

Blaine: giving your choice of adjective , you must be 1) an ignorant
teenager surfing the net to find your dream car, or 2) a 3rd grade educated
person that has a no clue about cars and has no real job, because no one
will hire you given your iq. 

Vladimir Debeljak says:

This is totally disappointed; M4 looks good but sounds like somebody is
farting, totally disappointed, E46 and E92 are motoring perfection
(specially E46 M3 CSL best sound EVER) this sounds like my old YUGO with
out muffler. 

nick p says:

How do I get this job? Looks really good IMO, like the look of the M3 as
well. The sound…well I’m starting to think BMW doesn’t care much about
this? I’m thinking the performance will be excellent though.

TheHayabusa09 says:

Awesome..just wait until the aftermarket/tuning scene get their hands on
this..an easy 550+ bhp.!

YahwehTheLord OurGod says:

i feel like they downgraded from the previous M3…….

thooke222 says:

Doesn’t sound as good as the old gen…but at least it’s lighter, more
powerful, and still looks great.

Garland Gay says:

Wow, that sound, not good. It’s better than a rice burner, but not up to
par with the old BMW standards. This is unfortunate for M car fans.

Gtfivepoint0 says:

Shoulda kept the V8 and add turbos :(

A Stiener says:

BMW….. bring back the N/A Engines !!! Fuck this turbo
bullshit…I6…V8…V10 N/A sounds more raw and has more soul…… 

Restraiin CT says:


Charley Brack says:

Exhaust is easy to swap. Damn people

ProdByEchelon says:

The sound is amazing!

Sultinys says:

sound is shit and looks slow

Calde Ailis says:

Ok, sound-wise this is a little bit dull. But Akrapovic has made great
exhaust for inline 6 turbos like 1M and 335i, so it will be ok. Wait for
them to release one for M3/M4.

Pranav Mukesh says:

id say this is the origina successor to the e46 m3! its light, it handles
well, has a high reving straight 6! and its availabe in colors like gold
and blue!

Peter Laviolette says:

It will be mine!

whal8y says:

I have an m3 and this car sounds like absolute crap! If this what BMW is
spitting out, my next car will be an Audi, Mercedes or a damn Porsche. 

Kaisuke971 says:

This engine has a potential. Whan you here that sound, @ 1:00 but not the
shit from the exhaust, it already sounds good! So the exhaust ore the
microphone is the problem, and you can replace it :) 

sakimano says:

sounds absolutely deplorable. What a shame.

Shiney JerkFace says:

I’ve owned several Bimmers 3′s 5′s 6′s some were M’s…all sounded far
throatier than the latest note being put out. Sounds anemic and congested.

Arnautovic9 says:

My current 335i M package with a bmw perfomance exhaust sounds way better ,
i would upgrade the exhaust asap.

HyperVeoo says:

The sound it makes when down shifted is awesome. Supercharge/ twin turbo
people, go learn about cars. Straight six engine with twin turbo, screw the

Hoc Ly says:

I am a massive E90/92 M3 fan and I really don’t see why this car is getting
so much hate from BMW’s own fanbase. I just feel like people need to open
their minds up a little bit and give this car a chance. So WHAT if the V8′s
gone? Classic M cars have ALWAYS been about inline 6 engines. If you don’t
like this new model, sure just get the E92, no one’s stopping you.

2 more things. It sounds awesome imo and it looks awesome too, don’t bash
on the color. Keep up the great work M division! We appreciate your
hardwork and passion :)

lolzoretwo says:

Wow this thing sounds disappointing.. like it’s puking or somethin..

Paul Castaneda says:

Horrible, just horrible. I’m getting a Porche instead.

Melanie I says:

I don’t want to be a downer but that exhaust is nothing to be excited
about. The Audi RS5, Nissan GTR Black Series or Track Edition and the
Mercedes Benz C63 AMG sound better and wait so does a 2010 M3 E90 or E92.
Why is that? What was the M division of BMW thinking? I haven’t heard the
new Corvette or the Mustang but I don’t care for American cars too
much….but if they sound better then how embarrassing would that be for
BMW?? If this is what a 2015 model has to offer….I am not impressed!!

Jim Beau says:

Nothing more than a pimped 435i. This is not a real ///M car.

CatKee1 says:

When did a car exhaust sound become the most important part.. lol..
Performance and looks trumps everything. This car has both. I doubt this
video is doing the sound justice. Love the gold btw

tracyis300 says:

Love the car, but hate that rattle sound from the exhaust after up/down
shifts. I think its being held back or something?

Scott Campbell says:

snort snort

Hwoarang121 says:

The new Lexus RC F is more beautiful than M4 in my opinion.

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