► 2016 Audi Q7 – Interior

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Clear and intuitive operation has always been a strength of Audi. At CES, the brand will show the most recent advances in control and display technology as a…


senorgato70 says:

There is nothing special about this design, inside or out. The exterior is
flat-out dowdy. The interior, though I’m sure it has nice materials, is
outright boring. The tech looks good, but the design itself is boring.
The ergo of the touchpad seems inconvenient and against human hand design,
but I guess would have to see in real application to judge. 

Harpreet Saini says:

was I the only one checking out the girl the whole time?

Andrey Dimitrov says:

This car has turned from big boys car to womens car.

أبـوطـلال الـسـوري says:

2016 Audi Q7 إهــداء لــمــحــبــيــن الأودي وبسسسسسس

Arnold Schwarznegger says:

Steering wheel is still old shitty design so is the exterior!!! Come on
guys!!! It’s almost 2016!!!

NihselAuto says:

Hey Audi, Lincoln called. They said they want the MKT’s rear back. 

fahad muammar says:

لاتنزلون مقطع بموسيقى ونساء

Miha B. says:

shelling out 85000€+ for Audi Q7 without voice recognition…what an utter

bigtruckseriesreview . says:

So 70% of this video revolves around staring at LCD screens?

Way ta go Audi!

James 1992 says:

do not like it.

Jack Frost says:

I’m bored
It’s so ugly

Joshua Appiah says:

Tell me that i not the only person who is disappointed about this car
reducing size 

Pavle Pajic says:

Sta se ova droljetina tu folira 

Aleks03071983 says:

новий Volvo xc 90 кращий!!!!!!!!!!!!(new Volvo xc 90 better)

Shift4g says:

Not feeling the exterior lines on this one. It’s no longer svelte looking.
Inside looks great though.

scanspeak00 says:

How do they manage to have such a beautiful interior and such a terrible

stancedchannel says:

the exterior looks like a van

William T. says:

Audi copied Lexus on the track pad 

Brock Walters says:

I think this looks WAY better than the older model

bigtruckseriesreview . says:

I personally found that little European piece of meat WAY MORE INTERESTING
than this STUPID CAR. 

VolvoSafety says:

я увидел девушку, а не интерьер. кроме навигации ничего другого нет что ли?

Serkan Uysal says:

She probably crashed :D

Fix says:

Schmeckt bis Flasche leer? Für das tablet sollte es ne Bedienung in der Tür
oder Mittelkonsole geben, das nervt auf Dauer sehr den Arm immer
hochzuhalten zum tippen. 

Denis Kochetkov says:

Друзья мои, не хочу Вас расстраивать, но Jaguar это все еще в 2010
делал!!!!! Это прорыв?!)

BobbyM says:

Pretty nice interior with lots of fun toys but the exterior….Doesn’t look
like an SUV anymore. Looks like a long station wagon (which looks weird).
Definitely gonna drive away old buyers

Furqaan Arif says:

Audi disappoints!! Q7 Sales are gonna drop.

3XX0N says:

The exterior looks like a big A6, and this video wasn’t much about the
interior, rather than about the new MMI. Nothing Q7 specific…

Kevin Young says:

The previous predecessor is better looking …..What are you doing AUDI ???

Liam Guan says:

fuck the car, I’ll take the babe 

full full says:

messieurs de chez Mercedes ! regarder l’intégration de l’écran GPS chez
AUDI ! c’est pourtant pas compliqué !!!!!!

jonny5777 says:

I love how the first imagine you see on google street view was a garbage
truck! Appropriate perhaps

wzhaoca says:

Audi has always had a very competitive interior, but the new exterior is
just terribly boring. Sorry. I think the current gen just became a classic.

Ali Al-Sayer says:

► 2016 Audi Q7 – Interior 

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