► 2016 Audi Q7 – Road Test

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The new 2016 Audi Q7 is up to 325 kilograms (716.5 lb) lighter than its predecessor – weighing just 1970 kilograms (4343.1 lb) – and reduces CO2 emissions …


megashega says:

As much as the interior is beautiful, the exterior is a total disaster! The
previous generation had so much character, but this is just plane ugly. So

PorscheSweden says:

Beautiful all around, and it’s so light! 325 kilos lighter than previous

Derek Townsley says:

so ugly, I was excited they were finally redesigning the Q7 because the
previous one was getting old. But now the other one is starting to look
pretty good. The frontal proportions and overall shape are off, and the
wheels and wheel wells are way too small for the body, and the design cues
had potential but I suspect that they will have to do a revision in the
next few years to boost sales. I forgot to mention the rear bumper reminds
me of a fat woman’s behind. Apologies for the negativity!

Adrianos Fidi says:

i tought i was the only one who dislikes the design
would be better if manufacturers would keep the best designs
and change ONLY the tech in those cars

what is not broken , DONT “FiX” iT

KHD says:

I’m the only one who likes the exterior … love it short and low .. looks
more sporty than previous …..sorry 4 bad English

keino111689 says:

Uum this is Q6, Audi when will we see the next Q7? 

Abdul Jabbar says:

Reminds me of the volvo

Abdul Amri says:

I hate the exterior design of this car. It looks small and i thought it’s
Q5 when i saw it for the first time!!

SUPER RC says:

The light colour changes behind the inlays UFO!!!!!!

hugues gimasa says:

I’m a Audi fan and love the previous generation of the Q7. I’m really
disgusted by this new generation. I love the interior but the exterior, -5
out of 10!!! What happened?????

Hybridlancer2000 says:

If I’m wrong correct me. Peter Schryer didn’t design this new model. He’s
busy at Kia motors now. 

Brandon Jolley says:

I hope they are running to the drawing boards for the 2017, cause this
model is plain ugly.
those black plastic vents on the front, the triple wheel arches are sooo
…and I thought the 2015 model was bad….I now think the 2015 model is
gorgeous compared to this “SUV”
leave a positive note, the really like the interior.

Abdulmohsen Al-salman says:

Very disappointed design!
The exterior look very bad! ,The previous Q7 was much better out side ! ,
Actually there is no competition between the previous & the current design

Jaffar Abdul Baqi says:

This design will age well. Furthermore, people will flock to it because it
is more compact than a GL and more practical than an X5. Marketting is the
only thing that could get in its way.

Kacicka999 says:

Damn, its ugly…

Barladeanu Leonard says:


jesus noel says:

I am fans of Audis but i dont what to with this audi the interior is good
but the exterior is so so ugly

iglyduckling says:

Basically audi killed the Q7 with this super duper fugly long low wagon,
this is not an SUV, more like the ford flex!!!! 

ano nymous says:

ugly as shit

hufington says:

A nice interior won’t save you this time Audi!

gabriel siqueira says:

gallardo lights?

Neeraj Karani says:

► 2016 Audi Q7 – Road Test

Andi 08 says:

Q7 Tfsi ??

Philippe Freyhof says:

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