1997 BMW 5-Series Touring Review

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Mike Rutherford reviews a car which is arguably one of the most reliable and advanced in the market – the 1997 model BMW 5-Series Touring. He’ll be taking a look at how it performs and handles,…


Lee F says:

Its got a soft close boot you wanker!!! treat it with respect!

MunkyShaffer says:

What’s this guy problem with the 540. That model has a very smooth and nice
sounding engine with loads of options. Rather have a comfortable car with a
V8, than a 520 with no options and a tiny Z3 with a 4 cylinder engine

Miguel Cabral says:

vai José

Wenbiao Liang says:

he still got a film camera.

Mr Mok says:

Stop smashing the soft close hatch!

MartyMartin87 says:

in grau

M600 GLL says:

shit review, kept repeating the same points..

MartyMartin87 says:

und an einem BMW 5er touring

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