1997 BMW M3 Evolution Review

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Will Hoy test drives and reviews the 1997 BMW M3 Evolution, checking out it’s performance hand handling and seeing if it deserves the ‘Motorsport’ badge. The…


Jonathan West says:

Now its worth 700 see when you buy a car for a lot your realy buying the

Kit Yog says:

Best looking 3 series ever

TritonST says:

i love it, its my dream!!

Kash Hassan says:

Hands down the best car I have owned with respect to bang for buck and the
ultimate all rounder. I am on my 9th one and each time I sell thinking I
will replace it, I just cant find anything in that price bracket that will
give the same feel, acceleration and handling, so I end up going back. hen
running right these little animals will embarrass a lot more newer and
prestigious cars. Btw, don’t go for convertible, unless you’re a hair
dresser lol!!

Have decided though once this one sells I am going to E46. Even though the
power difference is negligible and my Evo has beaten E46 over 110mph I much
prefer the Muscular shape of the E46 and it does have slightly better
initial acceleration due the lower diff ratio. I have also found that the
stock vs stock the E46 handles better and feels a lot more planted than the

All said and done it is an AWESOME car and I would recommend it to everyone
t least once. Hurry though as good ones are getting harder to find.

mccumiskey87 says:

Mines Pretty much the exact same as this. Great cars.

Luther Ross says:

I still want one.

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