1998 BMW 7-series 740IL 4DR SD Gates Chevy World

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Top of the Line BMW…Don’t Miss Out…Clean Carfax… Best deal in Mishawaka!!!! Why pay more for less?!!!! Lots of Luxury!!!! How inviting is this wonderfu…


cegled1982 says:

he looks like christian bale……..

TheMilkyMenExpress says:

would one of these car be worth it now for around $3000

Jose Z says:

The light for the airbag does every single car have it? Please answer me
ASAP!!!!!! Cuz I found one to buy but it has the air bag light on idk why

itsmegp46 says:

A BMW this old even four years ago, with 140,000 miles is never a good
idea. The car will break you financially with ongoing repairs.

Yoan Boyadzhiev says:

nice review! keep up :) really love the car,planning to get one for myself
soon :)

gregbez says:

Does he come with the car ? :)

CriticalHardware says:
newyorksports24 says:
Nitro PandaNetwork says:
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Brandon Camacho says:
UsedCarsWestPalm says:

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