2000 Audi S3 Review

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Ian Royle is with Sarjay Pathan who is in search of a replacement for his VW Golf and has around £30k to spend. Sarjay takes a Audi S3 for a test drive to se…


Jack Naylor says:

23 grand for an s3. Can get them now with like 40k miles for like 6 grand
now rediciolus 

bugattisteve says:

Lol full time student 30k…. Funny

ian knox says:

What kind of student loans where they getting in 2001? pmsl

SirLimpsalot says:

Does he shit gold bars or something??

dilawer321 says:

wow audi s3 and TT can get now for around 3k and e46 m3′s start from 4k 

a38racing says:

Lucky young lad I still cant afford a car for that much and im 26 lol

Men and Motors says:

you can always get a great car for much less buying it second hand – some
are in such great condition no one would ever know ;)…..

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