2000 BMW E39 M5 Review ~ Part 1/2

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2000 BMW E39 M5 ~ 1998-2003 5.0 Liter 32 Valve V8 400 Horse Power @ 6600RPM 395 lb/ft Torque @ 3800RPM Our Website: http://www.techinform.us My Twitter: http…


77cohete says:

what do you use the TNT sticks in the trunk tool kits for?

alpinaB12coupe says:

selling kidney !! I need this car

Andrey Sergeevich says:

Обожаю эту рубрику “Уебан на Мэрсе!! ахаха .. интересно вот он когда ни
будь отвянет, не.. Нравится наверное на себя в ютубе смотреть )) 

greecegun501 says:

you listen to steel pulse! kool!!!

ROCdevelopments says:


Christian Delgado says:

why would you use a Honda key holder for the bmw´s key? :s

DVAI says:

bmw never fwd

TheManmoths says:

‘Stick shift’ LOL

RyanKnowsTech says:

@MegaZombieland1234 I know it is, but it’s real.

RyanKnowsTech says:

Congratulations! If you ever feel like making a video about it, you’re more
than welcome to on our E39Source channel. :)

Carlos Brown says:

What do you think about this as a first car? Not to be rude I am already
getting it in 3 days so what you say isn’t going to affect my decision. I’d
just like to hear your opinion

Gaud14 says:

I think all bmw’s are rear wheel drive??? really dude

swedishvolvo says:

Awesome car but 13mpg would be hard for my wallet to swallow after awhile.

E39Source says:

@spacedreamer12 I’ve only had the DSC come on on the highway when the roads
are super slick with snow/ice. …Or maybe if you’re in 3rd gear at 75MPH.
There is, supposedly, another mode for the DSC button though. One that only
comes on if you start to slide, not spin tires in a straight line. I think
you press and hold the button for ten seconds… maybe Google around for
that information? Otherwise, I think the system is very powerful, and
generally doesn’t stand in the way.

RyanKnowsTech says:

I have no urge of burning through tires doing stupid stuff, but I’d use
those skills for just better performance driving.

m19921992 says:

I’ve currently got a 1995 Bmw 540i M sport 6 speed and a 2001 Bmw 740i
sport, I’m looking at trading the 740i in for an M5. Whats the maintenance
like(I’m not new to bmw’s by any means) but I’m am curious as to what I’d
be getting into. Thanks and beautiful car!

RyanKnowsTech says:

This is a great first time. And a terrible first car. On one hand, it’s a
well-built, beautiful, BMW sports-sedan. On the other, it’s a 6spd,
lower-production german performance car. It’s expensive to keep up. I’ll
recommend it all day, but keeping this car up is not like maintaining a
Civic. Check out @E39Source, it’s a channel I made all about these cars.
You can make videos on it about your car if you like… anybody is welcome!

MotoBoy says:

haha yeah, i’m bored with mine already. I’ve been driving since i was 14
though. To be honest, I’m too dangerous with an automatic because they’re
too easy to drive fast and a bit boring, so I want to get a standard
because I know it will be much more demanding and precise. I also want to
be able to choose which gear i’m in

Fender1018 says:

Going to look at at 2000 M5 tomorrow morning. I’ll interpret hearing Steel
Pulse when you turned on the stereo as a sign that I need to buy the car.

BoySrbinCCCC says:

@RyanKnowsTech Well i hate them too, specialy if you have a car like BMW
and it have 400hp! than u must have manual gearbox, u must feel that power
while u shift the gears…

Carlos Brown says:

What do you mean when you say “This is a great first time car”… It is
obviously going to be nicer that your average first car, but do you think I
will be able to handle it? like is it the kind of car where you are always
tempted to speed just because of its speed, or is the kind of car where you
can actually take it easy in?

Lewis72 says:

That interior walks the E60′s. I’ve had both (528i E39 & now a 530i E60).
The latter’s interior doesn’t make you feel in the slightest special.

RyanKnowsTech says:

@mcperson2k Is it easy to do? How much will it cost me. Thanks for the
info. And how are Euro blinkers different? Are they illegal here in the US?

Diego Calderon Lemos says:

I LOVE this BMW, E46 and E39 are the best BMW’s <3

nazirdjon says:

wow, you’re almost 18 and wanna buy a beemer m5 for your second (!) car?

MrInternetDude says:

Tape deck, wtf

Stephan Reimer says:

If your car is younger than model year 2000, you most likely have the
Circulating Air Memory selected in the CKM (Car Key Memory). You can have
those settings changed in the dealership.

Plisii says:

@RyanKnowsTech sry about my english im not american or from england :P
thanks for the track buddy !

RyanKnowsTech says:

@dvaifilmsdotcom No I’ve heard that they are, but I hope they don’t. Great
car, there are a few 540is around here, but mostly 528is.

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