2001 Audi TT 1.8T Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev With Exhaust View – 55K

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2001 Audi TT 1.8T Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev With Exhaust View My Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Intechdude300/294626333932309 2theRedline fan pag…


Jovan Parks says:

I’m 6 foot 4 and I fit in the Audi tt just fine same with the Chrysler
crossfire you really are bad at reviews and should really stop 

indeed says:


i hope you don’t mean $55,000 in Australia these cars sell for about
$8000-$10,000 a lot of people actually buy them for their first cars… 

1bentley4ever says:

Audi Titty as Clarkson says.

audiboi1587 says:

I had a 2005 TT quattro and I loved that car, they still look good today,
and I never had any major issues with mine. I regret trading it in. 

Justin Harp says:

Also. The reliability isn’t bad either. People often confuse very expensive
to care for, for unrelible. It is plenty relible just expensive when
something does go wrong. Nothing terrible has hapoened to me. Just a broken
climate control fan and a tail light. $1,200. Not unrelible. Expensive is
the right word. 

TheJaimetexas says:

i love yours reviews, very truthful 

Justin Harp says:

From someone who owns this car, I have the coupe version. The coupe is
miles and MILES better. The issue with drivers leg room is non existent (I
am 6’3″) the back seat is best described as a back up plan, he is right it
is pretty un-useable. The quality of most of the cheaper bits that he
mentioned are also covered. The sun visors are also correct in the coupe as

Dunoj says:

This only has single zone climate control. One of the rotary controls is
for temp and the other is for fan speed. An old neighbor at one point had a
TT Quattro coupe. It was an ’01 if I remember correctly. Oh and there is
actually a small sun visor up by the map lights. My grandmother’s ’04 A4
has one also. I discovered it just a few months ago and constantly have to
remind myself it’s there.

newjdman says:

Looks like a rough 55k on that one

Kyle R says:

Those exposed roof hinges aren’t very Audi-esq… or any luxury brand for
that matter.

rnorred1986 says:

My uncle has this car, but it’s black.

SubieSean says:

Volkswagen and Audi still don’t have a good reputation for reliability. 

paradoxdesigns says:

always loved the look of these cars. especially the hard-tops, they did
have issues with wiring didn’t they?

Alyson O'Connell says:

the lever off the seat is for the height

1bentley4ever says:

Looked like some water entered the trunk from that rust on the floor cover
handle brackets.

BlakesCars2 says:

I like how the date on the speed gage shows 1998 lol.

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