2001 Audi TT Quattro 6spd Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2001 Audi TT. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing det…


Shaq Johnson says:

This is a roadster

Kill Skill107 says:

This my dream car

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr330 says:

This gen use haldex system or Audi quattro? And I read it’s FWD until front
slippage is detected then its quattro, is this true?


it looks so cool with R8 body kit. Search for it

Terry Scott says:

You have this car so over priced my friend, still looking forward to
getting one of these by next year, the hard work will surely pay off for an
18 year old

poolking36 says:

I meant 4 

Brandon Hill says:

My GF has the same exact one! The engine horsepower is around 225, and it’s
a coupe

poolking36 says:

This is the. 225 bhp version. The 180 bhp version has 1 exhaust and the 225
bhp version has twin exhausts like the 1 in this video. And this is also a
5 cylinder not 4 .

rizrz34 says:

Did anyone else notice that the date on the gauge cluster is 5/06/2001?!
The car is stuck in 2001… LOL When did you film this kyle?

TheBandIs DayFour says:

sorry buddy, you are wrong. it’s 225HP. this car also called “audi tt 225″.
do the math.

CrashTest355 says:

open the gas cap

Guy SS-TC says:

it is the 225 the 180bhp didnt come with a 6spd

luke stahl says:

this is a 5 valve 225Q TT.. not a base TT..

coolmoovies says:

Nice car Nice review

Stefan Graichen says:

first off this is a BAM engine and has 225bhp and second the door mirror
switch is missing!! lol otherwise nice vid :-)

garrett6699 says:

I hope one day you’ll get the change to review an eclipse gsx. Hopefully
thay’ll let you take it for a rip too. You’ll have a blast.

Sam Johnson says:

How much would insurance be for this vehicle?

GermanyTechno says:


Ken Dgezta Arok says:

yep,i still own the Bam 225bhp quattro coupe as my unique( just personal
opinion) car and i will keep it ’till next 10 years to come. we have to
spend some common money for maintenance reasons,but idk i like it and i
thought its only natural needs. but the car is still running great,nothing
has changed. it has been 9 years now,45K ( replacing the timing belt
early)* common probs:) – AC, Door window,thermostats,and cluth’s cylinder (
manual gearbox) and last couple weeks ago was front left Br

Husam Hammadi says:

It is a 225bhp because that’s what 6 speeds have. All of them.

shutuptroll99 says:

@djandrei45 starts at $38,000

Shadowhazze says:

If im not Mistaken the TT comes in 3 forms Standard a mid ranged Quattro
and then the top end Quattro idk the names off the top of my head all i
know is Quattro just stands for All wheel Drive

iMikey says:

Dual exhaust only comes on the 225 though

keena woodard says:

do a 1988 jeep cherokee test drive

antigg says:

shouldn’t it be 225 bhp if its a quattro….

Ravmunken1997 says:

@90Mrknowitall five valves per cylinder

bkshine87 says:

small but packed

JIn Kangsta says:

can you do video on 2013 Audi TT RS

Tony Rose says:

You’re looking at more of a 5-8 price b/c that’s what you’ll probably be
able to get out of it once that thing has 100,000+ miles on it.

cyberboy855 says:

ouu get at that Boxster.

SuperManbir says:

@saabkyle04 what does the EPS button do?

Troll Soul says:

Yeah, I know. I’m just saying that there is 180 quattro as well :)

Joshuabrutl says:

To bad these aren’t reliable or else I would get one

OutspokenNaysayer says:

No, this one is the roadster model which means it is convertable. However,
they have TT coupes, which in my opinian look a LOT nicer.

SuperSportSS says:

@lexustoyotalover what about just enjoying the videos that he decides to
put up…he has a life besides youtube you know…

scootr64 says:

Just so you know… you got the HP and Torque wrong… you posted for the 5
speed/non-quattro (non-quattro, 180hp TT’s only have single exhaust and 5
speed) True Quattro ratings: Horsepower : 225 hp @ 5900 rpm Torque : 207
lb-ft @ 2200 rpm Redline : 6700 rpm

datboiwes333 says:

@KANATADOMPIZ you can say that same shit about Lexus, Infiniti, Acura,
Lincoln, and even Cadillac. Not really overpriced since they have certain
luxury amenities that you don’t get with regular VW’s. If you want fancy
stuff in your car be prepared to pay fancy ass prices as with all luxury

luckygoldpanda says:

my uncle has one these but in red, very nice car

TDJP123 says:

Can you do a video on a 2012 Audi TT/TTS/TT RS Thanks

Troy Sanders says:

Yes, very sweet,thanks Kyle. I am a big Audi fan and previous owner of 4. I
needed a fix, lol.I always eagerly await your next video,friend.

superfast30 says:

Great video, Kyle. One correction though…this particular model featured
225 hp version of the 1.8T. The dual outlets are the giveaway. The 180
horse model had a single exhaust. Great review as usual. Keep ‘em coming my

The Heavyassaulter says:

Audi T_T’

andrefrbk says:

Terrible condition for a 01 god damn… WOW! TT is a shit box btw. So many
better cars out there for the same price.

TurboTT08 says:

This is a 225hp model, not the 180hp.

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