2001 BMW E39 M5 Road Test and Review

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Here is our online review of the 2001 E39 BMW M5. Specs: $90k new, $15-20000 now 400hp 369lb-ft torque 5.0L V8 0-60: 4.7 seconds 1/4 mile 13.2 seconds Visit…


StPaul76 says:

My dreamcar. The only thing keeping me from buying this beast is the price
of fuel and maintenance here in Finland. 10 000km/7000ml maintenance is
about 1000€/1300$ here in Northern Europe.. 8/

massari4u says:

This is my next buy. and it will be summer car. I have a 2001 E39 525i
bkack on black. Looking for a black on black M5 also . The two together
will be a great combination cars to own for Canadian winters

LasKekse says:

What to buy a E39 520 or something, love the mean look it has. The only
Problem is that you don’t find sedans with less than 62k Miles in Germany,
and with a car this old and this mileage I kind of have trust issues with
them. Anybody, or you Vehicle Virgins, can say if it is that reliable that
you can buy them with that mileage without worries..

Henrique Pires says:

I’m sorry to disagree, the E39 might be the best looking but the E60 V10 is
the Be(a)st M5 ever!

dannyb1204 says:

Supercharger lag?

Devon McGowan says:

Bro I drive an 02 330ci and I have no complaints about that but this car is
on another planet dude props if I saw this coming down the street next to
me I would bow my head in unworthiness 

ExiledExia says:

My dream is to own one of these some day.

Mazen Mourad says:

Well, the E39 had a 4.8L no? The E60 had a 5.0L V10 (N/A). It wasn’t until
the F10 that it was a twin-turbo V8. Plus, superchargers are belt-driven,
so it’s not necessarily a lag, but a parasitic effect on the engine when
it’s not spinning fast enough. But as soon as you bring the RPM’s up, the
power is there. With a turbo, you can get the RPM’s up, but there’s still
spooling time. 

Basil Fabian says:

And I’m still young and unmarked so I love my car

john sparten says:

Parker what……..? Lol

olaru alex says:

You should try the e60 ! :)

Basil Fabian says:

In my country the law is a bitch,because the bigger the engine the more
money you pay for road tax and plus right now I’m driving a honda legend
with a 3.5 liter engine and I’m paying deeply for it.but I think it’s a
very good deal because I have the only honda legend in I’m country and it
gets a lot of eyes.

Adam Othman says:

they could’ve stuck with the v10 increased compression,bore, changed the
cams etc… and made the new m5 insanely light weight and that would have
been sufficient 

sudahi51 says:

I’m tryna trade my old GT pony in and put some money down for one of these
but I can’t find one in STL :’(

ToxicHorsePucky says:

I never did the numbers before. Insurance for me (21) + Gas + Loan payments
+ maintenance would be between $900 and $1100 per month for full ownership.

Futey makedonia says:

Id say the e34 m5 is the greatest M5 ever created.

comrade188612 says:

Love your m3&m5 videos but which to go for ?….I cant decide e46 and e39
respectively. ..please help

geforce5700fx says:

Wow, the 645ci was already plenty fast for me … this must be insane

Jeevan Dhillon says:

Fun until your in your garage at midnight fixing the tiny imperfections the
car has.

LocDawgd says:

Did you go to the Vineyard Vines grand opening?..Right off of the Tiburon

BMWX1M says:

i think the E60 is the best m5

comrade188612 says:

Love your m3&m5 videos but which to go for ?….I cant decide e46 and e39
respectively. ..please help

GimliTehDwarf says:

Awesome review!

Anthony Marcellino says:

Hands down the nicest car ever built. I own a 540i and cant wait to park an
m5 in my driveway soon. 

mrbondohrama says:

I keep hearing this “Expect $2000 a year in repairs” from people. What are
we talking about here? $100 oil changes, soft tires getting chewed up,
sensors going bad? I’m curious what a DIY guy says the yearly repairs add
up to for him/her.

Lanre Oladejo says:

Nice one, why did you do away with your ’06 3-series. I’m still deciding
between the compact 3-series or the stealthy A4. 

Bushido Ronin says:

The E39 M5 was built in 1998. Yours is the facelift 2001 model. The E55
Supercharged had 476 bhp was introduced in 2002 not 2004. It had the W211
designation and not the w212. W212 was introduced in 2009.

TheBramptonBully says:

Ive driven a 540 and it has the same recirculation ball steering its good
but not great compared to rnp steering rack dunno bout thte m5 tho i heard
it has servo which tightens it up?

ITeePeeI says:

I Drive an e39 523i and its my First Car. It. has just a Great Design Looks
so epic with angel eyes and the 170 PS Are Perfect for a beginner. E39 ftw

Gavin Sloma says:

i have herd that these cars hold up well and that miles are not not outher
cars. have you found this to be tru?

ParShuffle says:

I don’t think there’s any benefit to having a naturally aspirated engine,
up against a motor with a turbo/blower…except maybe fuel economy? Yeah?

mcolegt says:

Love this car, before BMW became angry and made cars for just angry young

TheZakon says:

u are right man and u know what the look of the e39 M is a beast its one of
a kind 

ToxicHorsePucky says:

$2000 not including oil changes and tires. Still not bad all things
considered. My parents bought a Pontiac Bonneville SSEI brand new in 2000
and it cost is over $17,000 in maintenance until we got rid of it 3 years
ago. It’s not even 1/2 the car The Beast is. I still consider this the
bargain of the decade. I just don’t know if I would be able to afford the
payments for the car, the gas, on top of $3-4K/year maintenance just to
keep the car. This is the definition of a dream car!

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