2002 BMW 7 Series 735i – Test Drive & Review

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Jonathan Green takes to the road in a BMW 7 Series 735i assessing its performance, practicality, and style. Its 3.6 V8 engine produces 272 BHP, does 0-60 in …


Men and Motors says:

Here’s a test drive & review of a 2002 model #BMW #7-Series 735i.
#MenAndMotors – http://ow.ly/BLiOP

Lucas Kroon says:

The steering wheel looks old compared to the rest of the interior.

Oliver Newell says:

This was designed by an American. Says it all really, although BMW have a
few stories to tell regarding the designers of their cars. I believe the
e39 5 series and e90 3 series were designed by a Japanese guy believe it
or not. The e60 5 series was designed by a British guy who died of
leukaemia only a few months after it went on sale, a shame really as that
is probably the best looking BMW ever and certainly a design which has aged
incredibly well, and is regarded better looking and more modern than the
latest 5 series. This 7 series looks awful, just a very ugly car, and that
steering wheel really doesn’t suits the rest of the interior.

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