2002 BMW M3 Coupe SMG Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2002 BMW M3 Coupe. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showin…


SparkyHD says:

Do these have an AUX jack so I can plug in an iPhone and listen to my
music? I don’t like the radio, too much bs.

Fsx767 says:

Oh my fuck yes.

GameBoy501 says:

My dream…

Lol Yogurt says:

I’m gunna start crying on how beautiful the M3′s are.

mo7md777 says:

your location plz

Malik Khendek says:

It needs oil change! 

ermistan says:

excellent review !

ryan215553 says:

i love that body kit butt 16k!? hell no more like 10k

michael Fariello says:

To all you people who read up on the internet and actually think you know
what your talking about when it comes to the smg, you actually don’t know
shiit until you own one. I have a 2003 e46 m3 vert with 85k and I have not
had 1 issue period with my car. Its the people that skip out on maintanence
because they can’t afford to own an m3 that have all the problems. Don’t
believe the handful of people you read about on the internet complaining
about the smg gearbox when in fact most of those people never owned one.
There just blabbing about what they have read. This car is an engineering
masterpiece. The engine note is a symphony to my ears. Best car ever!!

sports89man11 says:

you can tell the previous owner really baby’d that car… that interior is
almost mint condition. im thinking about getting one just for track

Colton Cutbirth says:

the best looking 3 series in a very long time

Jonathan Alfaro says:

I really want an m3 too bad i dont alot of money to buy it. It sucks to not
have a lot of money 

1954telecaster says:

the SMG is a piece shit, even bmw admits that in retrospect, avoid it at
all costs!

jayo1017 says:

Phil Collins going extra hard in the background!

Brandon S says:

My brother have a e46 328ci but wants a m3

Stella Mallas says:

that exhaust is not stock. 

onurcan ede says:

ciks :D

John Chisholm says:

Nice care,the only thing that lets it down is the fact the steering wheel
is on the wrong side. :-)

Арсен Гаджиев says:

One of my ravourite cars!! Want it in blue Laguna seca colore

golfemperor says:

Ow Ow Ow Cold Revs!

aishadbrannf says:

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Eliseo Rocha says:

Interior color is ugly as hell…

PCIproductions says:

what is the package called with the “Two tone brown/black interior”? aka
the orange interior lol.

IVEMER says:

its E92 not E90 E90s run on inline motors like inline-4s or inline-6s
pertaining a specific model you choose only the m3 was exclusive to be
referred as E92 instead of E90

westernprelude says:

Great review as always Kyle. Is the reason you’ve stopped doing test drives
because dealers stopped letting you test drive them, so you stopped trying?
I am really curious to see. If possible, I’d like to see more test driving.

theory816 says:

a perfect one would be a silver one. with 30k miles

xxSuPeRn0vA97 says:

I would kill for this car

Adnan Barazi says:

The E90 M3 has the V8

Drawnsbyme says:

What is that liquid coming out of the exhaust tips?

Jason Ortiz says:

Thats going to be the newer e92 M3

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