2003 BMW 745i Start Up, Engine, In Depth Tour, and Features Overview

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of a 2003 BMW 745i. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing deta…


rdyma32 says:

I absolutely love the car. I like the big body style type cars. Never
thought about owning one but this one is sweet. From what I’ve seen the
white ones look best for this model. 

Vad Arush says:

I just bought mine and IM IN LOVE!!!!!!!! This car is a dream come true.

Doctorr Benz says:

its funny how i had the chance to get this car but i didnt want it because
it felt awkward to drive a better car than my dad.. so i gave it to him :)

Viking Gaming says:

Why does evryone say it. is acomplicated system With i drive i learnd me
how the idrive system workd in like 10 min

Eli Ellerbee says:

Do a review on the 3 series GT please

Martin Valev says:

5:19 Please tell me what that song is !

David simmons says:

BMW wanted the 745li to be the first on th american market to have these
tecnological features. So by example, navi, real wood,etc. So it will be
the ultimate driving machine.

Nintendó P says:

Ugliest 7 ever

shiftoptionk1976 says:

I bought one 2 months ago from a guy who suffered cancer at the time and
can’t drive due to that (he is now healthy, a survivor, and got a new 7
series). Excellent condition just like it left the factory in 2004 (it’s a
2005 model with a 2004 production date). Still is in excellent condition.
great car to drive on the freeway and interstates etc. not so good in the
city with typical V8 fuel economy and rear wheel drive but i like it
because i don’t have to drive a Kendrick Lamar type minivan anymore. When I
first bought it i actually wanted to lock one of my friends in the trunk
for fun and take the battery out so he can’t open it but of course it was
mean and could’ve killed him so i didn’t.

In this video, I learned that the trunk can be manually operated, evidenced
by the way it was closed, so taking the battery out he could’ve still
opened it if the battery was out. I’m so retarded.

AdamAus85 says:

Lady Gaga, how unlucky.

bmar577 says:

@VhUgGz I’m 26 years young mate hahaha! Most people are shocked when they
hear my age, and I drive an S-Class but as long as you keep all other costs
down and keep up a good job a nice car isn’t a problem (: I also love the
styling of Volvo, alot of people don’t like it but I honestly love it,
especially the fine details they put into their cars!! They have such low
cost insurance(for a premium car anyway) because of the amazing safety
features, very extraordinary vehicles!

Matthew Sumrada says:

Please let the shades close the whole way.. It’s dizzying when things are
just listed and listed.

JasonG|Photography says:

you are actually wrong. both the front buttons (left and right) are for
down gear. and there are two buttons on the back of the steering wheel
(left and right) for up gear. source: i have the car.

zany iljazi says:

haha lady gaga nice !

Hamza Nazha says:

i have a 645ci convertible in white with black 18s do u think i should get
this or a mercedes cls

halomiksa says:

This is just one big Lady Gaga commercial…

Curerno69 says:

This car looks really sweet, but I have a feeling that if something breaks
its going to cost me a fortune to fix.

Antoine Phaneuf says:

I like the comment: Lady gaagaa!

97336cf says:

4:59 LOL

SOGFLY1 says:

I want this to be my first car

blacktek82 says:

Thanks for a great preview! I’ thinking of buing one and this just got me
more interested =)

SimmanGodz says:

What does it redline at?

Mick Rumping says:

you wish

FretFreak02 says:

Maybe a bit weird, but the 745 from 2003 is my favorite BMW from the
7-series. I think it’s way better looking then the newer 7-series (although
they’re awesome too!) from inside and out: for example the LED’s in the
trunk and the modest front two air vents. Absolutely brilliant car!

Morokei says:

The true idiot is the one who doesn’t know when to use ‘is’ and ‘are’

NOCARRIER416 says:

you didn’t press the red button when the trunk was open… the trunk would
close automatically. :)

bmar577 says:

@VhUgGz My first car was an 2001 Chrysler 300m. For how cheap the thing was
it was a decent car! A Volvo is a brilliant choice! Very nice car with lots
of nice options and as you said, low insurance cost! My mom drives a 2007
Volvo XC90 that I actually picked out for her, I can vouch every Volvo I’ve
ever seen is very comfortable, has lots of nice extras and will last very
long! She quite likes the car, and with the safety features of newer
Volvo’s they are all cheap insurance for a premium car

YASSER Slman says:

عدنا وحده ٢٠٠٦ فل فضيه الشاشه غير و فيها. تلفون و الدركسون بعد غير و سلامتكم

BirdBirdBird14 says:

BMW makes nice cars but this… Sorry I can’t go further with this one…
This one is very very unattractive.

dyerkhalim123 says:

Lol , They Had The Franks Red Hot Commercial That Long Ago , But its True
iDo Put that Shitt On Everythinq , Because thats Bout The Only Hot Sauce
With Flavor.

123jorandbroo says:

lol i put that shit on every thing lllmmmaaaooo

casperbg60 says:

Wow theres a car i want to get 00:05 Nissan 350z but convertible

Judas6411 says:

love you Gaga

Daron cannon says:

I love my 7 series

Gran Turismo 5 TV says:

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce – I put that sht on everything.

nohdata says:

he’s not a salesman.

asif555b says:

hay kyle….. y u looked/sounded like u were in hurry in this vid??

MrThestig8 says:

I love it when you get in and Lady Gaga comes on, youre like, “Lady Gaga.”

rastaxp says:

Yeah, and in this color… it’s hideous.

IncredableDrE says:

I know I bought a 2011 7series 3 months ago but exactly today. I bought
2003 7 series but white. It was an offer I couldn’t turn down. I bought at
an Estate auction for next to like nothing. ($10.00) that’s like nothing
for a BMW 7 series from 2003.

Odane Thompson says:

@FretFreak02 true i prefer the 2003 7 series than the newer version

Traingineer says:

Used 760Li?

Tyler modebeasty says:

I want your car gagaga

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