2003 BMW Z4 2.5i Start Up, Exhaust, In Depth Tour, and Short Test Drive

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of a 2003 BMW Z4. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing detail…


eddox94 says:

Guys, I’m at law school and this is most likely gonna be my first car (we
already paid the reservation for 400 dollars). Did I make a good decision? 

hdhostPL says:

Best looking car ever? (at least from the front)

Nick Oetting says:

Trying my best to get this as my first car.

Brandon Patterson says:

That door chime is the worst I’ve ever heard. It’s like nails on a

Eric Ayo says:

yea dude u did, am getting the same car, med school

Kenneth Won says:

I found this car for real cheap like for 7k is it a good deal?

kalashnikov says:

Lol my 745i sounds louder 

carexpert says:

My neighbor has the same thing except a 6 speed manual and a black

alberto gorin says:

bmw make great cars and this looks nice i enjoy it wander if you ever did a
mazda x5 or miata i think like that one better

monty554 says:

One word. Stormbreaker.

keri ellerbe says:

wats with cars with theses huge mufflers….i mean the camaro is silly with
those big ones on it to i see y its so heavy lol….

Goldenrod636 says:

Are all roadsters soft-top?

Ajennings114 says:

@tylan13chuck That’s why the new one is so much better!

Bigsmoke6677 says:

@youngswagga298 bcuz its still processing its n the description

MrMiamiswaggz305 says:

LOL like yeah hahah

stevies5 says:

Very informative video. I’m buying the manual gb model of this next week,
so thanks for the up, I’m now drooling even more.

Dániel Horváth says:

I love BMW’s inline 6! These are the best engines in the world!

rubiks15 says:

Whoa! That top went down Fast!

TheCarArchives says:

the 2002-2008 BMW Z4 was assembled in Greer, South Carolina, United States

mohammadtraiki says:

No I dont like it

Rick schiffer says:

Don’t all BMWs during 1999-2005 have Harman Kardon audio system at that
time? Those were probably the best system ever put into BMWs.

Lorenzo G. says:

hey kyle… hows the site process going? Also can you do a 2000-2002
mercedes e320,e430 or e55amg thanks :)

CarSpotsBelgium says:

@girlskates13 I agree with Kevin, man, calm down, everybody makes mistakes
now and then,oh wait you probably never do

TheCarArchives says:

the transmission on the 2002-2008 BMW Z4 Transmission 5/6 speed manual 5/6
speed automatic

Melatonin says:

go back to watching anime, faggot

ahjjones says:

@saabkyle04 Don’t worry about the hates Kyle. We’re grateful you do what
you can. We appreciate it!

jbone51096 says:

sounds like my sisters 530i

Gareth Kitchener says:

@PhillzTV I’ve seen a 2003 with SMG + paddleshift.

itsmeadin says:

I don’t know if I should get this car or a Saturn sky? What do you think, I
just don’t know because Idk how reliable a Saturn sky with 63,000 miles is

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