2004 BMW 530i Test Drive and Review

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Vehicle-Virgins reviews the 2004 BMW 530i Specifications: Price: $10-15000 HP: 225 Torque: 214 ft lbs 0-60: 6.8 seconds EPA: 21 city, 31 highway.


Palpac says:

I’ve always wanted a 5 series had a look at the 2004v8 but my mechanic who
races BMW’s said the 6 cylinder is the better and more reliable engine.

logan wygal says:

i want it…but…with a supercharger..

Justin Jimmer says:

I got this car for free! :D

jack yadush says:

It would be great if you could do a review on a 2006 325xi

jon harrison says:

It is one amazing machine, but definitely a man’s ride. Some of you will
never understand. It’s a guy thing.

Дима Р. says:

id say best e60 review. talked on all key points, especially considering
other generations and series. yet dont get why you prefered e39 on
comments, cause it seems to be rather e34 or e60 apart from the money issue

Bonifacy Driver says:

Gay ??

Lewis72 says:

The 2004 E60 530i has exactly the same engine as the E39 530i.

The interior quality is dreadful. I know, I have one. I’ve also owned an
E39 528i and still own an E39 M5.

iDrive is bloody awful. It is SO bad. t requires too much attnetion and too
many clciks for simple operations.

Temp gauge ommision is a bloody joke. It also looses the interior boot
release and glovebox torch. The E39 has all of those.

Auto door lock can be switched off. It’s there to stope people getting in,
not out.

Centre console loses out space to put a mobile phone. Gap below CD player
is useless as when you accelerate everything in it falls out.

Alan Fong Abud says:

Im about to get a 545i 2005 version would you recommend muffler delete in
this one?… btw great reviews congratulations from Mexico!

Greatscar415 says:

would you take this over a e46 or e90?

PlayerNineteen says:

You do realise that it has the same M54B30 engine as the E39…

USAcorrupt says:

Just got one very well made car , interior sucks tho . But overall there
alot of upgrade you can do to this car to make it pop. Tint windows and get

Paolo Panetta says:

Good informative review. Just a shame about the car…exterior sucks in
every single way, and the interior is pretty dreadful as well.
E39 rules, simple as!


Great review guys

TanellTV143 says:

How many miles did that BMW have on it cause i found the same model for
$5,999 with 78,959 miles on it i was thinking about getting it for my first

Vehicle Virgins says:

$6,000 seems awfully cheap! If you are still interested in the car make
sure to get a pre purchase inspection.

zombiecheef says:

Everything you listed came with my 2000 volkswagen jetta…..auto
lock…double tap to open..etc.

timo101ful1 says:

what the fuck would u 2 snot nosed fuck-ups know about anything but jaggin
off…shut up

audia9312 says:

my dad has this car and is giving this to me its gold and has different
rims but great video, ive been looking for a driving review of this car and
you guys nailed it of all aspects. giving me more intel upon the car thanks

Vehicle Virgins says:

Thank you audia9312! You will love it.

12Franco says:

e39 looks like shit

Arlind530d. Com says:

Idrive system is awesome, its not garbage you stupid idiots

Maga Magaev says:


VB3 says:

Cool review. I dig the channel. Keep up the older and newer BMW coverage. I
love me some Bimmers 

brandonbroach1 says:

Are you guys test driving in Marin County?

kN5ack says:

great review and video 

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