2004 BMW M3 Review

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http://www.vehicle-virgins.com 2004 BMW M3 Price: $12-20000: 3.2L inline 6 333 hp / 262 ft-lbs 0-60: 4.8 seconds EPA mpg city/highway: 15/22 mpg The e46 BMW…


SheWantsTheD says:

great commentator and video work, this needs more views.

GTChannel says:

A decade old and it still holds its own. Is this the best car for under 20
grand? #TechTalkTuesdays 

Pedro Silva says:

Nice to see the nice reviews again. Love the E46 M3, not as much as the E36
wich is my favorite and kind of a dream car, but still love it.
Nice use of Google Glass too, makes for an interesting perspective. 

ravesilly says:

i almost got one of these as well but i had to settle for the sti because i
drive in the snow a lot and the m3 being RWD would not have worked for me

Big Mike says:

One annoying thing about this car is that the manual versions of this car
are more expensive than the SMG since most people hate them :P

The Divine Rod says:

I have that same invicta. I fuckin hate it.

Ethanmeister says:

Im enjoying these reviews. Keep it up guys.

Draϟa says:

Well, lets just say. This Tuesday, I’m will be owning one of these. Buying
from an awesome dealership that had everything reserviced. not some shit
one on the side. Buying one for 13500, 103k miles, 2003. I already put
money down on it. I never got a 330Ci because of many different
circumstances and things. But i’m glad I didn’t get one. After my dad drove
the M3, he said it was a great choice. The convertable makes it a lot more
fun and enjoyable.

Phiel BlackRocker69 says:

I will have one… someday :).

Zach Berse says:

Had one… can be driven briskly on track weekends…. but by no means is
it a fast car. Wonderful bang for the buck nonetheless indeed. 

Gamma052 says:

There is no such thing as “not wanting more power.” If parts were cheaper,
I’d be shooting for 500hp.

Ezra Jones says:

What exhaust is on this car? It doesn’t sound stock and I know that for

raxq says:

Really like this channel, got an e46 myself, too bad not a M3 :(

abraham arellano says:

Just got my 2005 m3 6mt and 89k miles

comrade188612 says:

06:38 after that I got covered in goosebumps

647killa says:

Oh man I can’t thank you guys enough for actually doing a review on my
beloved. I have owned my 02 phoenix yellow M3 6MT coupe for 3 years and I
think I have the right to say that this will go down in history as ONE OF
THE GREATEST CARS EVER MADE. This is the finest ///M product and mines is
definitely a keeper. To those that haven’t driven/owned one, seriously guys
ur missing out on a legend. Just don’t buy a convertible orSMG, unless u
really need one or a combination of the above. Thanks again guys and keep
these awesome old school car reviews coming. 

Ryukachoo says:

its good to see you guys getting less formulaic and more….poetic i
now, time for an e60 m5, no?

Alpha Delta says:

Best M3 ever <3

Frank Debartolo says:

dodge ram 2014 model silver please !

JustGamesNL says:

Probably going to buy this or an Audi TT <3

ccnomz says:

your best review video yet! glad you saved it for an epic bimmer :))

jasons mazkalnins says:

so beautiful and so inspirational…

PaDiLLaIGoDI says:

My Alltime dream car… aspen white, coupe with same exact interior , not
smg… One day i will have it! Sadly im 17 but i got a 2001 328Ci with an
m3 front bumper that i put on it which many people think its an m3 lol..
But one day i’ll have the real one! ///M great video man!

Vehicle Virgins says:

After many requests, this much anticipated review of the E46 BMW M3 is
finally here! 

nik smith says:

can you fix your own car? its a nice looking peace of shit, you annoying as
the honda boys except you drive a white boy gehto car. can you even race
car or been on a track? good luck trying to mod it.

Michael Ford says:

Just your passion for the car is so real it makes the review inspiring and
makes it my dream car as well

Burhan Diwan says:


John Chisholm says:

Mine kicks out 343 BHP as it’s a UK model.

Troy Walbert says:

Vehicle Virgins does some of the best–unbiased reviews I’ve seen on
YouTube. As a BMW enthusiast, I could not agree more with everything you
said (other than the interior of the e46, I love it!) and applaud you guys
at VV who work really hard to do these excellent reviews. Cheers! E46 M3

Lucas A says:

Nice video young dude!

dilshan13 says:

This is the best E46 ///M3 review I have seen.

Michael Kdy says:

you video brought a tear to my eye and goosbumps all over my skin :’) im
really lost between what to get, E46 M3 or E92 335i.

alpinaB12coupe says:

i’m totally subscribing

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