2004 BMW Z4 3.0i Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of a 2004 BMW Z4 Roadster. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showi…


jeff burbank says:

umm so it’s a 3.0 litre v6? anyone who has a vested interest in bmw’s know
that their z3/z4/e46/e90 engines are straight 6 cyl.stop doing the salesmen
shit and tell us what it performs like.everything you show is in a standard
brochure,and sitting revving doesn’t do any credit to the package.seems to
me mommy and daddy only let you play with the good stuff if it’s to sell

NOCARRIER416 says:

@52nos no, it does not. it’s as reliable as an e46 bmw, even more-so due to
not having as much technology in it.

Saabkyle04 says:

@ahjjones Hahaha I hear ya bud! :P

Ein_da_dog says:

The price on the windshield is $17,900.

Saabkyle04 says:

@bjlcrew I just do this for fun, and give a shout out for the dealer for
letting me review their cars, that’s pretty much it, I have set up a lot of
relationships haha

Daniel Wolfe says:

If i lived where you lived id be buying cars here and importing them there
then selling them

Ein_da_dog says:

@NadrianATRS All Z4s 2003-present have glass windows in back. Z3s have rear
windows in plastic.

Cole Middleton says:

I really wish that there were more coupes of this car around.

NOCARRIER416 says:

@DJMRification he started with the key, and need the key in 2007 versions
too. the windows go half way down when you open the top, and close when you
close the top. the top can be opened/closed from the driver’s door using
the key + keyhole too.

Ron Todd says:

why is this car so affordable? 3L V6 300hp… what gives?

grinnellalarms says:


52nos says:

does it have major mechanical problems after 150,000 kilo meters plz some
body reply

James Lewis says:

Tough times, maybe they wanted a car that was cheaper to own and run… Sad
actually. But that’s the credit crunch for you.

ahjjones says:

@saabkyle04 I’ll let it slide THIS time! :D

Manuel Manila says:

ya it is

John Riordon says:

Did you start the vehicle with they key? If so, is that with the 2007
versions as well? and if you put up the top, do the windows close
automatically? can you drive with top up and windows down?

kevin122891 says:

I think thats an i6 (inline six) not a v6. :)

Rick schiffer says:

Maybe because the older Z4 models were made in the U.S.? (they are, look up
BMW Z4 Spartanburg)

cyberboy855 says:

I absolutely love this car and would kill to have one, but I’m sorry, if I
WERE buying it, Bob Mayberry better take his name and business etching off
of the trunk. It’s so unsightly, I hate when dealers do that.

geedunk13 says:

@Annihilator1111 by me!

dave11686 says:

Those Z4′s are beautiful cars! I didn’t like them when they came out but
they’re beautiful! Thanks for another great video Kyle!

Zach Davis says:

Oh those things are incredibly ugly! I would much rather have an S2000. Do
you have any s2000s on your channel?

Phil Griffiths says:

Mate please don’t review a BMW again!! It’s a 3.0l STRAIGHT 6 not a V6…
Berk!! Plus that colour combo was not nice I gotta black with red leather..

Dan Jay says:

maybe they had a financial downfall who knows man

Saabkyle04 says:

@seangeron1995 the cylinders in the inline is in a straight line, and the
V6 is cylinders are displaced in a kind of V shape

paulpierce21 says:

@bjlcrew Look up Chicago cars direct.

bluewker says:

11.9k in North Carolina? What a steal! why was it so cheap?

NOCARRIER416 says:

@007CharlieHarper actually on the z4 you have to depress the clutch to
start it, even in neutral–same with most other newer cars, even civics.
It’s a safety feature to prevent you from accidentally starting the car in
gear and the car bucking forward. if you install a remote starter you’ll
need a bypass for the clutch switch.

kebertxela41 says:


Kevin White says:

great vid Kyle!! U should own your own car dealership. hey you think u can
do one on the 2010 Nissan Titan crew cab?

Henric Almqvist says:

i love the z4 and i so wanna buy the 3.0 L but its so expensive to have a
sports car in sweden.

AtactHD says:

its good. they sell 2005 z4′s for around $13-$14k so that seems right

donzdonz says:

I think you’ll find the M54 engine is a straight 6 not a V6 ….but nice
presentation all the same :)

NOCARRIER416 says:

@Nweran it’s tilt + telescoping.

PositiveLastAction says:

The 2.5 definitely is! the 3.0 cold qualify as a lad’s car…but just
barely. Especially a lad who can’t quite afford a like model M3

midnightshadow says:

Saw a 2003 z4 100,000 miles for $12,850 ?? Sounds too pricey for me or is
it good?

NOCARRIER416 says:

@MildonLanhorn two of them. if you look under the leftmost vent on the
drivers side, and the rightmost vent on the passenger side you’ll see the
cup holders. They pop out of the dashboard.

winzfeld1 says:

A v6 bmw? Lol go home car salesman, you’re drunk

MySipuli says:


OhSoAce says:

Someone traded a BMW for a Hyundai? WTF!?

Daniel Amaral Souza says:

look out of the hidden Z on body =) its pretty cool

Saabkyle04 says:

@Motorfordtoyota I know I have 1 at least, just search it and it’ll come up

gentle285 says:

@gmman010983 The one in the radio is Forever Young by Jay-Z ft. Mr. Hudson,
and the original is from Alphaville.

daineserider says:

3liter r6, Not v6! ;)

Nick Hammer says:

Great as always Kyle. You should do a Volvo xc90/60/70 or a volvo 940

MySipuli says:

I know, but still. These cars are expensive where I live. 60k usdollars –
90k usdollars brand new. This would cost about 25-30k usdllars

james bond says:


gunnut3345 says:

do you have a review on a yukon?

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