2005 BMW Z4 Road Test and Review

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www.vehicle-virgins.com Vehicle-Virgins reviews the 2005 BMW Z4 Specifications: Price: $13-18000 HP: 189 Torque: 181 ft lbs 0-60: ~7 seconds EPA: 18 city, 2…


Greg Hilinski says:

I own a 2005 Z4 and believe for comments are spot on. I live in New
England and have to deal with crappy roads so the ride is an issue but it
it fun to drive. One thing to note is that the 2.5 version is geared much
lower than the 3.0 liter cars so that are similar in acceleration off the
line. The 3.0 just has more top end. For my driving, the 2.5 has plenty
of power, handles great and has your back if you get in trouble. I also
have a Honda s2000 which I would consider unsafe at most speeds for the
average person. 

Tyler Longmire says:

Having driven the e36 M3, which would you prefer? Im have the e36 now, and
would like a z4. Love the vids by the way!

kicksoffs says:

Granny shifting…

Rick Leonowitz says:

Very good evaluation of the Z4, I agree with everything you commented on.

Conrad Magalis says:

I have a 3.0i and the only thing I don’t like is the suspension. It is
pretty rough compared to a Boxster S or Honda S2000. Other than that, it is
a good DD/economy car – a lot better than my Stage II B5 S4!

Vehicle Virgins says:

Thanks for the Comment Conrad!

scottievand says:

Completely agree with Conrad. An excellent daily driver, but the ride is
horrendous. I still to this day get tons of positive feedback from people
out on the streets, and that’s a pretty cool feeling. I own a 2003 3.0i,
people still think it’s brand new! ;)

Wil DeGraw says:

you say juxtaposed too much

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