2006 Audi A4 2.0 TDI Review,Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

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For more in depth reviews check my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/avtomobil… Filmed by: Tomaž Kožar Jesenice Buying an Audi sedan without Quattro all…


TheInvisibleMen says:

You spent 2 whole minutes of my life walking around the car

Chris Pisz says:

@pimpninja1985 That’s a good point. I wish I could get an Audi like this,
It would be a lot more affordable. What part of Europe is this in?

sizers says:

Those wheels are hurtin

SwiftRagex says:

Whats the song at 3:31?

johnyking77 says:

hahaha, a w podłokietniku: ZONK, często spotykana wada w B7 mianowicie
urwany zaczep pokrywy podłokietnika :))) no i te korby z tyłu, oj żenada!!

romira joppie says:

lier ,nothing is s line but no thing,not even an rnse radio installed,a lot
of people sell a car like this and say it s s line…….really a crime

Jake Root says:

Sounds like my John Deer Tractor when it starts.

PKXGaming Bogdan says:

mu future car maybe when im going to be 18…. cant wait!

avtomobili001 says:

@chilenomania1 that is europe you have to pay for every thing =)

pimpninja1985 says:

@Chrispisz12 I Have no idea but all over europe you can get them like this

Bestlife22 says:

what is the song in your car? track 5?

stickyorphan says:

Correct, AUDI cars come incredibly basic. EVERYTHING is an extra, basics
you find on any other car just are not there.

DavidBrainiac says:

Will be my first car :) #birthdaypresent

hakewyt says:

I like the super electric automatic rear windows hahahaha

Alexandru PRICOP says:

Nice car, but really bad music you have there

schmerg lad says:

Possibly most boring video I’ve ever seen

gyth dsx says:

@avtomobili001 not in the UK were sophisticated..

Adam Gladman says:

Air con prob

Freelancer7495 says:

I got a Z4 for my birthday, I wanted this. :( I love my Z4 though.

outlawz1982gdynia says:

@johnyking77 z tym podkłokietnikiem nto nie wiedziałem ale ogółnie wnetrze
i kolorystyka fajna, a jakie znaczenie mają korby? kto otwiera szyby mając
klime? dla mnie mogły by być z tyłu przyklejone na stałe, zam,iast tego
wolałbym 1.9 tdi od tego shitu 2.0

Alexandru alex says:

ce canta muzica romaneasca :))) ma gandesc la tine =)))

Cole Chapman says:

damn you auto correct

ineverrememberthese says:

You can only control the front two windows in this sedan? Strange… my A4
has controls for all 4 windows, though it has more options. Are the 4
window controllers for the driver not standard?

pimpninja1985 says:

@Chrispisz12 Yeah in Europe you basically everything is an option, unlike
the US where leather, power windows, sunroof and all that come standard as
well as that a brand new base model Audi a4 witht he 1.6 costs as much as a
loaded a4 in the states witht he 3.2 quattro.

stickyorphan says:

Nearly all modern day engines can run 400,000, with regular servicing and
maintenance. VAG cars aren’t anywhere near reliable as people make out..

jalalpurjattan says:

soudns like a tractor

mustafaherbawi says:

احلى سياره

Alex Ardeleanu says:

@jakeroot2 The Audi A4 engine,2.0 Tdi is made by Vw,and reability,run up to
400.000 miles,with no problems,if is serviced regurarely…the fuel
consumption is only a gallon for 62.5 miles,and it’s run with biodiesel
too..The noise inside is not perceptible..

MerTKeLpeTiN says:

hey i really got the same one 2006 2.0 tdi but my interior is diffrent

romira joppie says:

mine is also with manual windows in the back,but the rest is all
there,bought it sec hand so it came like it was,but this guy here thinks he
has an s line,don t worry they don t sell that here as s line,you could get
beat up for that hahaha,i live in belgium

Amero1 says:

@jalalpurjattan : I guess just because it has desil engine, cold weather
the desil needs to warm up before the sounds fades away.

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