2007-2013 BMW X5 review | Consumer Reports

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The BMW X5 lives up to BMW’s tradition of agile handling. But the ride is choppy and the controls can be confusing. Read more about the BMW X5 on our website…


Sheryl Pehrson says:

I just bought my sound X5 (2012) 4.4L 50i yesterday. I really like the
iDrive concept and the overall luxury of the BMW cannot be matched by any
other vehicle on the market. I would recommend this SUV to anyone looking
for a reliable family car too. 

John Fasheh says:

This review is bias. I just drove this car today, and the vehicle ride is
not “Choppy”, nor is the iDrive complicated. The reviewer is a bit over
stating his opinion. Go drive a Ml350, Porsche Cayenne, or Audi, they ride,
much, much worse. The only other competition in my opinion.
This is a capable vehicle, with excellent handling and ride. In fact, it’s
the true SAV. 

sukhwinder khinda says:

Please tell us about outlander 2012.

Aglarend says:

I drove one of these for two days this last week and I found the ride to be
smooth and powerful, with none of the choppiness you mention in the video.
In fact, the X5, at least for me, felt more like driving a car than an SUV
because of its stable, smooth ride.

schmingus lingus says:

I got the running boards on mine to help reduce dings to the doors by
idiots in parking lots.

BMWX1M says:

Consumer Reporters over exaggerate over the iDrive system, i have an X5 and
i love the iDrive, it’s the best media interface on the market.

itsmegp46 says:

This suv was equipped with run flats because it came equipped with a third
row seat. There is no room for a spare and doesn’t come with one. If you
swap out the run flats with standard tires and get a flat, you’ll be
stranded. Unless you keep a can of goo and an air compressor handy.

juan perez says:


Däne Fjordlùnd says:


bmwman67 says:

you can simply shut off the guidance lines if it bothers you that much

PussMag says:

BMW is all about performance, it will beat any car in the market, other
than that the car is the crap

jlinkov says:

BZZZZZZZT. Wrong. CR buys every car that gets tested and Rated.

itsmegp46 says:

Where can I get a brand new 2012 model?

Billy Sou says:

I toyed around with BMW’s iDrive, and I didn’t find it that complicated. I
think Consumer Reports was worried about using iDrive during driving. Voice
controls should help. Please respond especially if you’re a BMW owner.

Tim Joseph says:

I dislike the third row seat. Not that I would sit in these seats, but it
takes away cargo room. BMW should build an X7 SUV that competes with the
QX56, LX570, GL-Class, Escalade, Navigator, and Q7. X5 should either be
redesigned with a longer wheelbase, or get rid of the third row seats.

c8701 says:

Outside styling is sleek. Interior is somewhat bland.

outrigger777 says:

$63,000 !!! Really? I certainly hope they could make a decent SUV for that
price. I’ll take an XC90 for $48,000. More space, more utility (which is
why most people buy SUVs), fantastically comfortable seats, and still fun
to drive.

akui88 says:

This review is spot on! I drive this exact model (2012 bmw x5 premium with
3rd row), and everything said was absolutely correct. Great review.

Maserati7200 says:

It’s ok dude, I’m still a virgin too :/

Fussinated says:

If the running board is wide on as SUV or a truck that much, then it is
meant to be stepped on. If you don’t step on it, only then you will dirty
your pants.

Mole204 says:

iDrive is a little busy. However, I think they sell the diesel short on
fuel economy. At 70 mph on the highway I can average 30 mpg in my 2009 X5
35d. I’m also getting 25 mpg in town. Both better than my sister’s Subaru
(and I get to drive a BMW). My favorite BMW joke: Q.: What’s the difference
between a BMW and a porcupine? A.: On a porcupine the pricks are on the

misterq0604 says:

Lovely SUV. But the backseats are quite uncomfortable compared to
competitors. It feels like sitting on a wooden bench. Take that into
consideration if you carry people in the back. Happy car shopping!

victorvictorwhatsup says:

I bought 2011s. We will change it for that one soon

sead garanovic says:

0:31 wtf lol BAAAAAAAAWWW

maxthehulk says:

i think jeep grand cherokee srt8 is a better choice

dave dunn says:

Bmws are hot looking cars but are not reliable. They never have been and
parts are very expensive. I realize that people buying these cars have
money and may not care but if they are smart they would not want a car they
have to spend more than double the cost of normal acura or honda parts for.
Bmw and mercedes are great looking cars but a huge rip off and not reliable.

igeekone says:

Run-flat tires are garbage. Get a good set of standard tires and the ride
will smooth right out.

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