2007 Audi A4 2.0T DTM in depth review

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b347junk131987 says:

I’ve watched your video before, nearly a year ago, in my quest for a DTM. I
just wanted to come back and say thanks for your video and the detail you
went into.

Having been a B7 owner for only a few months, I soon after found out about
the DTM, and have been in love ever since. Your explanations were great and
are fantastic for anyone not as clued up as others on these rare beauties.
I’ll be collecting my DTM next week and driving back to Cape Town. I have a
feeling it’ll be one of the cleanest in the city.

Keep well.

Kristina Smith says:

my car)

masterb00ster says:

your car?

Mishta Silva says:

lol no its not :)

ryan martin says:

This is why I dont watch SA exhaust vids, nice car though,but get to the

Morris Davis says:

What’s the name of the song?

Moe11032 says:

Nice Audi, but you are too close to the car. all i saw was red. red. gear
box, red, red, steering wheel, red, red, engine

ryan martin says:

we know how a car works

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