2007 Audi RS4 by Edmunds’ Inside Line

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If the engine is the soul of every car, then the 2007 Audi RS 4 has more character under its hood than most performance cars possess from tip to tailpipe. Wi…


toyotasupra27 says:

I own a 2004 a4 but for $70 grand their are way better sedans right now

Emu the Foo says:

OMG, you finally realize the truth. the gt-r is a good car but its not an
everyday drivers car. and i LOVE nissan but do you really wanna pay $80k+
for a nissan???

8MunchenBayern8 says:

RS4 shits on IS-f

mchamp3802 says:

Amazing amazing car, although I would of liked to have the B&O sound system
that the S8 has. Also dimming review mirror that the A4 has would have been
great too. All in all its definitely my car of choice

InitialDAmine says:

@AetiusPraetorian B5 96-2001 ->7 years yes but all the rest : B6 2002-2005
->3 years B7 2005-2008 ->3 years The B8 was introduced to public in
september 2007 at FMS and was put on sale a few months later as a 2008

akniss350z says:

yea this is true. which is why i want an m3. rwd ftw!!

João Pacheco says:

the RS4 is very good!

mchamp3802 says:

haha right….gt-r is the dream car for street racers who can’t race around
real circuits. Besides RS4 has class and is more luxurious RS4 gets
comments from everyone, gt-r gets comments from punks and people who just
wana be fast with no class. Its sth called sophistication

yourbestfriend6492 says:

That is one divine engine. Audi better not ruin the next RS4 with
superchargers and crap. This formula is perfect.

MichaelCoolGuy86 says:

sedan vs coupe. theres probably some weight difference. awd is a little
weirder to launch than rwd. i could be wrong, but i also believe RS4 has
higher top speed, thus sacrificing some acceleration.

Towelman20 says:

That’s not all that cheap considering that m3′s out the dealer ship are
only a tad bit more than that.

davidradz says:

when you buy a gt-r its still a nissan when you buy a rs4 its a sport’s
sedan a winter tank a safe car a luxury car a family hauler. well the gtr
is just a track car. btw all you gtr fan boy’s read stop treating it like
its the second coming of Jesus its good but not amazing. (google gt-r
transmission problems)

youmils03 says:

Excellent car. Absolutely excellent. It comes with the BMW M3, Mercedes
C63, Cadillac CTS-V, and Lexus IS-F. Second fastest four-door sedan. And it
gets from 0 to 60mph in 4.3 seconds, not 4.7 seconds.

Hada Cakraningrat says:

66,000USD for an 2007 RS4?? My God I cannot believe how cheap are these
cars in America…..In Our Country this sells at around 270,000-290,000USD
depending on the dealers …

2007DBR9 says:

Wow… That shows how much you know about, well, anything!

InitialDAmine says:

@AetiusPraetorian Usually it is the RS6 model that starts as a S/W but the
RS4 as shown with the B7 the sedan was presented first and quite logical as
the even with the normal model the Sedan was presented few months before
the s/w (avant) (which was introduced to public in 2008 geneva motor show.
As for the RS3 it is quite normal as the RS models always come in the last
year of the model life cycle

SonOfTheVille914 says:

This should be Avant, not Sedan. People who know Audi’s RS history should
agree with me.

Jacana Productions says:

Listen here chaps, we all know the GTR is quicker but are you gonna take it
on a road trip with you mates, dog and camping gear in the back – probably
not. Sitting inside the GTR is like sitting in a plastic Mc Donald’s booth,
the RS4 is like dining at a fine restaurant. On a day to day basis the RS4
is a complete package but then if you’re stinking rich you probably get
both!!! Same with Subies though, STI is great but inside is plastic, I know
what I rather be in for long road trips.

dudeisnotcoolio says:

how so?

Towelman20 says:

evryone record’s different test resault’s in the same car some drivers are
better than other’s and all test method that mag’s use are different and
their’s manufactor claimed performance and their’s tested performance get
it through your head no offense but that coment was stupid and one other
thin the cts-v compete’s with the m5,rs6 and e63 not the m3,rs4,c63 and

AetiusPraetorian says:

@InitialDAmine Actually the A4 B8 first came out at the end of 2007. And
the model life span for cars averages around 7 years not 4. The first major
facelift/model improvement comes around 4 years into a model’s life cycle.
As far as an RS4 B8 I think that is only rumor, maybe in S/W form? It is
strange that Audi is going to release an RS3 on the current 8P platform
which is due to be replaced for 2012 though.

davidradz says:

that’s like saying a rolls royce phantom is the same as a pos 318ti or
saying that the corvette is just rwd v8 cavalier

jdang says:

The R8 had the beautiful RS4 engine

fittlefattle18 says:

Well I seen one at a local dealership it was a 2007 RS4 black on black with
37 thousand miles and it cost 42,000USD. It only cost 66,000 when it’s
brand new. Well here in the US at least.

AetiusPraetorian says:

@InitialDAmine Yeah I see your point on that. I was just wondering if a
sedan RS4 would impact on the RS5 sales. Unless of course they drop the V8
option for the RS4 and soup the 3.0TFSI to 430hp or so.

JDM Lillie says:

So I take it you’ve owned a GT-R to come to that conclusion? Or are you
just talking out of your ass?

davidradz says:

ya but those came out a year after the rs4 wait till the b8 rs4

skbuoy says:

Can pick up a low mile, preowned, 2008 for about $48K!!!

Londo Mollari says:

The thing is I don’t care much about RS4 because it’s too expensive for me
and I don’t need that much power. The new S4 has improved weight
distribution and new sport differential that make S4 with all its luxuries
handle like Mitsubishi EVO X.

concantenation says:

Maybe but it looks like a piece of jappa shit. This is all class.

borladyno says:

@akniss350z m3 is lighter and it doesnt bog down because its rear wheel

Nick L. says:

MADNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dastig1 says:

as a matter of fact rimjay, the build quality of the RS4 is something
special. not saying the new GTR is sh!t by any means, that thing is a
weapon, however not your typical everyday run about car.. it’s built for
one thing, speed and handling.. not practical and its less of a drivers car
as compared to the complete package of the RS4 and even the new M3…

akniss350z says:

how is 420 hp still run 13s? the m3 has 414 and runs a mid high 12. still a
beautiful car.

OprisTudor says:

Hi! Do you guys know if the 2012 RS4 will be released as a sedan also? Some
rumors state that there will be only an avant version. P.S. : Im really
jealous! 70,000 dollars in the US, 70,000 euros in Europe…thats close to
90 k $ :(

buttnut1080 says:

Why hasn’t Audi brought back the RS4 now that the newest generation of the
A4 has been out for awhile? They really should.

Samuel Lawford says:

@Toddmars because the c63 coupe does 12.1 seconds for the quarter mile
compared to the 13.2 seconds for the rs4 lol (although you kinda would
expect it considering its newer)

Oliver Komaromy says:

lol, a formula 1 car shits on your nissan gt-r! do you even know what
you’re posting?

vasilisbill says:

InsideLineVideo when are you going to test the RS5?

InitialDAmine says:

@buttnut1080 The RS model always comes in the year/months of the model
live, and to not disturb the RS3 sells which just came out the RS4 will
come in some next year, considering the B8 A4 came out in 2008 and a model
life span is 4 years or so except to see the rs4 by the end of 2011 or
something like that

Dardan Cosovic says:

RS4 engine…….one of the best audi has built

AetiusPraetorian says:

@InitialDAmine Well not quite, I rented an A4 B8 2.0TDI in Dec 2007. The B6
(8E) came out (in Europe) at the end of 2000. The B7 (8E) came out at the
end of 2004 until Dec 2007 (Sedan). The USA had them until Aug 2008. And
while the B6 and B7 are different on many levels, they still share the same
platform/chassis (8E). The B7 received many safety and suspension
modifications as well as newer (and better) engines. It was not considered
a “new” A4 model, just a revised one.

Daytonaman675 says:

@grizzly9499 C63 is still a good ride. I test drove a used one when I
tested the RS4 at the audi dealership. The steering feels more detached
than the audi and feels like you’re stearing a ship compared to m5 (the
disconnected feeling is concerning to me). I think the C63 has a much
better interior though.


So sexy……………..

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