2007 BMW M6 review: Start up, rev, exhaust and tour (Saabkyle04 Style)

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New Blog! -http://thecoloneladama.blogspot.com/ i figured i’d make a review of the m6 in style of saabkyle04, so yeah. Sorry for it not being HD! My iMovie i…


The Ship says:

You should leave this shit to Kyle buddy.

Michael Pires says:

Good video bro. Fuck the haters:)

Sai Tirumandas says:

LOL you copied +Saabkyle04 word for word!!! 

moneyCarsGuns says:

Lol kid doesn’t own car but high revs when it’s low on gas hope you helped
fill the tank

Andrei M.M.D Mihalache says:

Nice ;))))))))

meti gjuka says:

At least you have or had the m6 , you don’t have talk bro awesome car , I
already have the e60 m5 now I’m in market for m6 leaving the m5 for my wife

Simon Golestan says:

dont be fucking dicks

joseph vanquish says:

“also has a radio” no way!

НИКОЛАЙ николаевич says:

что за коробка у тебя SMG 2?

jcallesano says:

I heard… Push in the clutch…lol

TheColonelAdama says:

I made this video when I was 14 or 15. So, I couldn’t drive. Now I’m about
17 and I drive a 300zx, 5sp of course. So to all those making fun of me
starting the car up, I’ve got it down now XD

EXBURY says:

My brother has an 760li and the interior is almost the exact same. the only

hiddenmoose says:

LOL you dont even know how to start it. you can hear at 1:15 someone
whisper in the background “you have to hold the clutch in”

TheColonelAdama says:

@extremepsychogamer troll

imgreekBra says:


TheColonelAdama says:

@DenisViper actually, yes i can drive.

Brian Lee says:


dimitriis1337 says:

I like how the other kid had to tell him to depress the clutch when he
tried to turn it on.

TheColonelAdama says:

hey guys! Just checking in on the comments. To anyone asking about the
whole “saabkyle” thing: I find his car reviews quite thorough and useful,
therefore my review is modeled after the structure of his reviews. Also,
this video is 2 years old now, and we no longer have this car. My apologies
for terrible revs, didn’t know any better :P

Michael Breed says:

Stole saabkyles intro

kevinmosleyI says:

As you know, I love this car- and it’s sound! :D

Mura823 says:

cool, very nice

TheColonelAdama says:

@jrewdown21 valid point, but what could they really do with it? drive down
the road and you see license plate numbers. and i know! haha and like the
carbon trim and illuminated sills and m button! didnt notice all that till

TheColonelAdama says:

@ByAudiQuattro thank you for the positive comment! This video was just made
to be helpful :)

GevorgRecords says:

4:36 OMFG M6 it has radio too???

BusinessMinded says:

3:13 what you all been waiting for

sherry123456782596 says:

whats your first video ever

carabela125 says:

Nice car, too bad about the ugly trunk.

Hakop Agazaryan says:

Lol way to rip off saabkyle04…

iPhoneAppReviewer says:

Rich? It’s an 07 filmed in 2011. Cars’ worth $40k.

ChrisAlexanderVEGAS says:

rich ass kid

TheColonelAdama says:

@angndev1 thanks for the advice, it was just weird for a first time

extremepsychogamer says:

@TheColonelAdama the truth hurts doesn’t it?

TheColonelAdama says:

sorry for the late reply, a lot of the time, people were curious about what
engine it had, and you definitely got a lot of attention from car guys, not
so much from the average passerby. Lots of people on the road wanting to
race haha.

191456cool says:

@extremepsychogamer you know thats saabkile04′s son right

TheColonelAdama says:

@AnonymoussourceL0L haha yeah, he did, i tried to press it without clutch
to show the mileage. so that was not a mistake. and thanks!

TheColonelAdama says:

heh, yeah lol. I was trying to get it to show the mileage and stuff before
i actually started it up, like saabkyle does, but my friend thought i was
trying to start it.

XBOYZ45 says:

@DenisViper why would you say that to him ? you’re jealous .

Tradizzl3 says:

I enjoyed it. ;~p

PandaMagicFTW says:

Why not just fill full tank ? That way you only need to fill up twice per

Ulbenable says:

@extremepsychogamer lol he said saabkyle style idiot

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