2007 BMW Z4 Roadster Video Review

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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. The Z4 Roadster is a true German sports car for those who love top down driving.


wweorton says:

the Zee 4 lol

Ein_da_dog says:

@coolerdude44 Yeah, the guy’s a moron. BMW kicks Saturn and Pontiac’s
poorly constructed auto anyday.

zippodk says:

Think he hit his head hard..comparing those cars with bmw like they were in
same class or something.. “You could get this M3 but pontiac explore is
just as good… lol”

HeySweden! says:

As an MX-5 owner, I don’t care for the Sky/Solstice twins much at all. But
the guy does have a point. Unless you really need the luxury, or more cargo
space, it’s hard to justify spending nearly 10 grand more on the BMW from a
performance standpoint.

QuickXilver says:


Keith Stewart says:

is that Ron Jeremy driving the car? Awesome!

HyperMatri x says:

Lol…comparing the smaller engine BMW sports car to a friggin open/saturn
redline (higher up model). Also this guy didn’t actually test the 0-60
speed because BMW always understates it. For example..it lists 0-60 on a
2006 BMW Z4 3.0si as 5.6 or 5.7 seconds, while motortrends tested the
manual at just 5.1 seconds.

QuantumEra says:

@therealLucianWolf Your stupid its Z4 you fucking dick

Bauss says:

how much $ did you say???

coolerdude44 says:

no, you sure as hell can. drive them both. you’ll find the gearbox clunky
on the solstice, the interior cheap, and the engine unsmooth. the bmw, on
the other hand, is a true driver’s car. it’s abs system never cuts in too
soon. no other car can claim this. plus, it has one of the world’s greatest
engines. if you care about cars, you’d buy the bmw. if you just want a car
with no roof, and don’t care about anything else, AND want to tell the
world you hate cars, buy the solstice.

coolerdude44 says:

i genuinely think this guy is retarded. the saturn and pontiac are widely
regarded as epic failures, nobody else would recommend one over a bmw.

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