2008 Audi RS4 Cabriolet by Edmunds’ Inside Line

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http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drives/Followup/articleId=124092 “Did you hear it?” That’s what everyone who drove the 2008 Audi RS4 Cabriolet came back…


Matthew Neilson says:

your paying for a brand when buying audi also yeah they put the motor at
the front and maybe a little far but that was so you could have more space
in the car and more luxurys they make cars with the motor in the back and
the price take on that is hell of alot more the r8 is another great car
there is no other car out there that has the equivelent quottro system to
audi hence why you feel safe in an audi rs4 is so damn HOT!!!

intljetsetter says:

@lacokai Blah Blah Blah :0….

SagaraSouske says:

You really can’t look like a serious man in that car.

kopaszQ says:

@ride1157 i agree with you… thumbs up!

otmlb1128 says:

i’d take an M5.

intljetsetter says:

@Schnucki9 ummm…ok….but how does that make me a noob idiot? You have
got to be one of the poor people Im reffering to….smfh. Fail.

uberenthusiasts says:

$80,000 is not bad for a rare and beautiful Audi. I’d take one anyday over
the M3 or C63

joke90000 says:

that’s just ignorance and arrogance all together talking. You don’t blame
your parents for anything, you thank your parents for providing for you.
You make your own wealth, if you don’t like work or try hard for money and
things, then it’s nobodys fault but yours.

onetwothreefour721 says:

I could not help but GAWK at this car and the guy driving it when I saw him
on the highway. Awesome car, get giddy

m140m says:

way too expensive. The CTS-V will smoke it.

ride1157 says:

Thanks!! the only other person with some sense in their head.

Matthew Neilson says:

my dream car with white leather interier ive seen one around it is so hot
and id take it over the rs5 or rs6 any day

112namrepus says:

Thses own!

Eddie says:

an·o·nym·i·ty is the best So great

Menace14ts says:

who are you? why would you ever consider bring up the S65 and the Spur in
this context? Imbecile.

vinceism1 says:

I love this car..wooohooo…

Menace14ts says:

It is way the fuck too expensive. The BMW M3 Convertible is the only
enthusiasts choice. It is cheaper fully loaded than this car’s base price.

ThePandaBeat says:

HAHA! 80K dollars! No thanks.

lacokai says:

@intljetsetter bullshit, dont blame your parents for it… make your own
money, fight for your dreams and maybe one day after a long fight you will
have it

Daniel Schuko says:

@intljetsetter WRONG!!! U FAlL again! I got a car like this bought by
myself……but u cant even wipe ur own ass without ur parents….thats
really poor!!!! U should think before open ur mouth

Ethan Ward says:

The Cabrio is gay, it looks girly, the sedan and the avant though are WOW!!
Still I chose the E55 AMG for the straight line speed and autobox.

112namrepus says:

RS4 need to lowwered and a twin turbo setup. And Yokahama parada spec 2s

SalMK0 says:

You know a car’s got huevos when it layed down smoke from both the front
and the rear tires…

dickesV says:

0:39 i came !

intljetsetter says:

You really don’t have a point. A Merc S65 is $200,000 while a Bentley Spur
is $180,000 and it can hit 200 mph

stormholloway says:

Something tells me that if the 330 hp S5 does 60 in 4.9, then the 420 hp
does it far faster than 4.8, as is claimed here.

teamwhitebread2 says:

Favorite Car!!

Nick Romanov says:

yeah but that’s a cadillac/nuff said

Konformation07 says:

@dennieb1 Yes because that explains it all.

naix77 says:

80k American. What’s that worth these days? Not much… Audi RS4 wasn’t
made for US market, but fans insisted, so Audi decided to bring 300 pieces
into US. It’s not a car for you. It’s for someone who appreciates its
rareness and exclusivity.

DannyG says:

The Audi RS4 is a brilliant drive. And the M5 doesn’t really compare with
this car. The M5 has 80 HP and 60 lb ft of torque more than the RS4. Oh,
and 2 cylinders. And the RS4 starts at 66k, while the M5 starts at 82k. And
that’s without a convertible top! Paying 16k more for a cabrio is a bit
ridiculous, tho…

Sline4 says:

hahahhahahahahaahaa this shit made my day an i was having a bad one thanks
eddie =]

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