2008 Audi S5 by Edmunds’ Inside Line

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http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drives/FullTests/articleId=121924 Audi has figured out that a coupe should be beautiful, not merely exclusive. Even as t…


Al Ham says:

I like this car, but the M3 still beats it. Maybe not in style, but in in
the fun category the M3 wins hands down.

Manfreizinho says:

I like Inside Line, Top Gear, Car and Driver. And you?

scethiss says:

0:51 .. <3

TheLayneMeyer says:

You are one redundant asshole!

sisk22 says:

@proteanview perfect idea and example

vroompshhtsi says:

You’d be surprised with a C6′s build quality these days. Hmmm let’s see,
the LS3 C6 outperforms the S5 in any speed/handling test, the Audi’s
interior is ugly as shit, the C6′s body lines are much better looking, and
the C6 costs less. I like the S5, but I think you get a lot more for your
money with the C6.

khav11 says:

audis are the best car for me ya maintenances is gay but design,
sportness,comfortability and robust of an audi forgets us the maintenances
issues anyway im about to buy a new audi A4 soon cant wait

Artūras Kopytinas says:

i don’t understand… there is s5 with v8 and supercharged v6?

T. Khecuriani says:

Love this car

fodo35 says:

@proteanview well….I think this statement is not true anymore….Audi was
the best selling german car a few months back and S5 has been one of the
top vehilces in retaining their value…

Network1One says:

As compared to your counterparts or mine? lol moron.

MySandi13 says:


D13H4RD2L1V3 . says:

The Audi RS5 is better, but it’s AWD. That means, it’s grippy. The M3 is
RWD. That means, it’s a wilder and fun car. The Audi isn’t boring, but you
won’t get to do fun, long drifts.

Al Ham says:

@ratmtbola RS5 doesn’t beat it either, the rs5 and s5 are just big lifeless
beasts, fast yes, but fun no. The Audi is a good looking fast car. But it
lacks the feel of a BMW m3. Trust me

MrMaoy says:

am excited about the RS5

e36lover says:

best looking Audi ever so beautiful @raptorider338 of course you get an
Audi S5 :)

m3e92 says:

The S5 isn’t in the same class as the 6 Series or CLK Class…

ilfeta says:

One the most beautyfull car of the worldddd…..S5

georgie2998 says:

bella maccina

petrone75 says:

your better off going with a b6/7 s4 if you want to mod, jhm has a 12.9
second car with just bolt on and pes has a supercharger kit also

Blade ManX says:

corvette ROFL… if i want crap quality i would rather get a Ford. Audi is
superior to most brands bar BMW

Tom Ramsey says:

Why are your reviews so boring?

DieselVR6 says:

@proteanview Never say never. Audi just outsold MB in global sales. BMW has
yet to release their sales numbers but considering how poorly they have
been doing, I doubt it’s much better than MB.

juukame says:

:49, i love how from the front the car gets considerably wider as you look
from top to bottom.

fretsonfire75 says:

God that sounds nice.

DUS347 says:

I simply LOVE this car! ^^

Network1One says:

lol he says “German counterparts” as if it’s made somewhere else.

TheMelaniebainter says:


looney2416 says:

can sum1 tell me da name of da soundtrack at da starting of da video!!kinda
seem like da odd 1 out over here!!lol plz realy like da music.

greekmonstervt91 says:

i wonder if my $8/hr job can buy this car!

Rock7132 says:

Because you can’t afford one.

abominabletreachery says:

sucks that a new taurus has more power… makes me really mad.

BSiMs702 says:

dis bitch fast dena mudda fucka!

coolerdude44 says:

go to manhattan, these cars are literally everywhere. i guess the default
choice now for the executive.

Bryan Jones says:

@carlitos07way exactly

Ali Hemraj says:

well if u wanna waste time by actually writting a sacarstic msg thats ure
problem man lol, not everyone will get ure msg as a sacarstic one right
from the start

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