2008 Audi TT 2.0T Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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Audi takes the successful Golf platform and gives us a stylish, futuristic looking sport coupe. Only those who place a high emphasis on handling and straight…


Kev50027 says:

I don’t really see the point in the TT. I guess it’s a car for people who
only want a “pretty” car. It doesn’t live up to its sporty looks, and for
the same price you can get a much nicer car from many other German
competitors. The fact that Audis are essentially rebadged VWs just makes
them kind of pointless.

failandprevail says:

Volkswagen Beetle.

Master4999 says:

Nice choice for a review.

theproweb says:

I like to call it ”Tittie”.

bmwmsport11 says:

the only thing i think is cheap about the key is the fact that after a few
years of use, the buttons become dented/cracked. ive seen a handful of old
porsche, VW, and audi keys that look worn down, even after its 4-5 years
old. it doesn’t happen on toyota or lexus keys(since they use a solid

pedrof830 says:

You can always get surgically enhanced T T’s

uncoolkid2 says:

Im waiting for the mk7 gti or the new mustang which ever comes out first.
Nice review

SlipknotMaggot0526 says:

The way the RPM’s drop when revving looks cartoonishly fast. lol

drewax11 says:


n777ua says:

Why are you criticizing the key? I don’t think I heard you criticizing the
blatant copy Kia is putting in their new cars, which incidentally is made
of cheaper plastic and a cheaper key cutting method. Again…seriously…

And btw, that same key was used in everything from a TT to a Gallardo to a
Cayenne to a Phaeton to Continental GT. Your criticism is quite bizarre,
especially when, as the other person noted, VW/Audi were years ahead of the
industry in rolling out switchblade keys. Honda/Acura still uses side cut
keys, Hyundai standard cut keys (in a switchblade, cheap cheap cheap). 

Jonathan Altieri says:

The fact that they put a backseat in this car, was beyond stupid. You’d
have to have bones for legs to fit back there lol 

westernprelude says:

Audi dropped the manual transmission on the TT?? I no longer want this car.
Speaking of which, what was the last car with a manual transmission that
you all reviewed? +2theRedline 

Gabe Erwin says:

do 2003 mustang gt

bmwmsport11 says:

not a really big fan of these small roadster/sports cars. IMO, they aren’t
the best value. a well optioned TTS or Z4 sDrive is well in the $60k-70k
range. for the same money, you can get a slightly used RS5/S5 or 6-series
for the same if not less. maybe even get into a 911 or SL-Class.

i personally think this segment of cars is becoming unpopular. 

Daniel Nguyen says:

Who the f is jerry

A Merciless Walrus says:

Review the 2015 Volvo S60 next

Vboy6523 says:

Test the 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. It is the model with the

Russ Man says:

Did you get a new car or do you still have your fit?

andrenj1970 says:

it’s just ok

Anthony S says:

Who many times are you going to say t 

suomiauto says:

I think it looks like a small R8, which i really like.

2ΣpicGamingHD says:

5:10 sounds like a bomb went off 

AutoCarReview says:

Good review. Like always :-)

Stiylz Rahee says:

Can you test drive and review the scion frs please 

valleylax5 says:

Firewing I’m surprised you already managed to watch the whole 10 minute
review when it only been out for 3 minutes

Chase Sansone says:

Do an rs4

dsi19961 says:

Good review, Alot of wind noise but overall good. Can u plz review a 04-08
Toyota Matrix xr or xrs?

Josh Shipman says:

don’t like the car but the review was awesome

Miguel Velez says:

First veiw and first comment :)… nice video by the way

JimmyUnlimit3d says:

Review a Pontiac solstice/Saturn sky if u get a chance!!!!

ZNormT6 says:

Can you do some more Volvos? Thanks! 

__UNDECIDED__ says:

The back end is ugly

Kyle McKinnis says:

Seriously sofyan…first the key is a different shape than the VW ones. And
that same key basic design is used on Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, even
Bugatti. The last two are admittedly made of metal, but they keys are
anything but cheap. Why aren’t you criicizing the horrible NON LASER CUT
NOM SWITCHBLADE keys found from the asian manufactures…VW introduced
these keys to the mass market in the early 00s, and still everyone hast

Alan// Stunt says:

You guys should really do Some cars Tuned by SRT :)

FireWing368 says:

AWESOME review as always my friend I have been waiting for this review for

Bob Marley says:

3:18 – audi doesn’t use that key style any longer. I know.

Carfan678 says:


747Jumbo1 says:

I’m honestly surprised they dropped the manual option on this car. It’s a
shame that even the new a3/s3(especially) doesn’t have a manual as an

alanrdz23 says:

Best car reviews on YouTube. Keep up the great work!

NothingNowhere4 says:

this car came from the factory with a chicken biscuit.

JR Rand says:

‘TT’ means penis in Filipino.

I’m just saying!

Ricky Vang says:

expensive beetle! lol

Veyronp87 says:

interesting car but i’ll take a GTI

r1pster says:

Cream puff lol…

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