2008 BMW M5 Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2008 BMW M5. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing deta…


Carlyle's Picks says:

I LOVE this car and I’m not even a BMW fan! I just did a review on this
car and was blown away! It’s so sporty for a luxury car! I can’t wait to
finish my review! I just uploaded interior today: “BMW M5 Interior
overview: Seats/Windows”

MUCH more to come! I’m no Kyle but 10,000 subscribers seem to have faith in
me for some reason. :D

Melvin Hale says:

Did I just read that someone commented that this was the last of the proper
M5′s?! Seriously? This thing? The last proper M5 was the E39. Bespoke.
Modest. Muscular. And one of the torquiest engines BMW has ever produced.
And talk about bulletproof, E39s have been known to clock more than 200K
miles on the engine and are still on the road as daily drivers. No SMG. No
overly nanny electronics. Just a pure, 6MT, 400HP V8 that, to this day,
will remind many a new “sports car/sports sedan”: Respect Your Elders. God
I love my E39. The greatest M5 ever built, bar none. 

iClassic says:

V10 baby..nuff said

Caner C. says:

M5 engine = M6 engine, right? 507 HP

Ross McKee says:

my dad just got a black 2006 M5 and it has the harmon kardon sound instead
of the Logic7 premium sound on the one you filmed. it blends a combination
of sportiness and luxury, along with a technologically improved iDrive

analanalyst says:

wow, that thing desperatley needs a new exhaust. that thing should growl on
startup lol

ahmed taha says:


Nick G says:

It’s so much you can do with this engine. BMW 4 Life!!!!!

Bigeezy75 says:

watched so many of this guys videos, and he still hasnt found an external
mic or anything to get rid of the wind noise -_-

Black63AMG says:

i mostly like AMG. But i think this M5 is the best car ever made

ovy urda iov says:


Diego Dávila says:

BMW should have put this engine in the new M5. It would give the car more

getstupid1087 says:

Such A Sexy Ass Car. #dreamcar 

Lisa Owusu says:

Nice car

drovid008 says:

this is my favorite bmw ever, even if not the m5, even the regular 5series,
this year model is the best, god bless khris bangle

Lueana Campbell says:


C7mb says:

Thank you for such an in depth review! I am interested in picking one of
these beauties up and was in need of a good review such as this one.

mikelou26 says:

Best review online 


dream car to own. can’t find any with low mileage in NY!!

ahmed taha says:


J6NES says:

6.0 mpg someone had fun

Kevin Mcgee says:

i want this car so bad 

SmaEdd says:

I REALLY MISS this V10 !! :(

Warren Bushon says:

Best BMW i’ve ever ridden in! My friend has one but it has black exterior
with indiana red interior. when you accelerate that car it feels amazing,
what an awsome car!

theLegeNdkillA95 says:

I want haha

Brandon S says:

My brother might buy one with same color but a 535i

budspeed3 says:

I pick mine up this Friday. You taught me a few things I didn’t know.
Excellent video…thanks for sharing!

Laweeze Morton says:

To the maker of this video… Auto dealerships must get annoyed with you ..

MrTigers6423 says:

is it me or did you just open and close the fuel cap twice??

watt1000 says:

have to disagree. i much prefer the sleeker look of all the new 5′s over
the over-flashy looks on this gen

TopGearCarsHD says:

0-60 4,8 seconds fail true time 4,4 seconds

moparmaniac21 says:

This generation M5 used costs about $40-$50,000 depending on mileage and

mark babb says:

Saabkyle04 needs his own car shows dis guy if fucking awsome

roberto soriano says:

i cant wait to own this car

Alex Phillips says:

i should start a petition to get this 5 series brought back. anyone agree?

Xthreeo says:

More power, much better fuel economy, lower eco tax, what’s to complain

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

and also this is the nicest looking bmw of all time!

Gran Turismo 5 TV says:

yeah. nothing can disappear with magic. lol

Troy Donahue says:

My favorite bmw

никита литвин says:

у нас в орле нету салонов бмв(

Saad Rasheed says:

What all this torment

listentocKy0893 says:

Because we can never have enough ass-kicking naturally aspirated V10s.

TheCarDude01 says:

this ar is defenitley worth under 40,000

SparkySlow says:

My fav car, i love it i would eat a shit for that

Dennis Frammore says:

haha, you’re such a joke

GoodGameBaller says:


gsrsilver says:

Never like this model . The 39 and the F10 are better

Alfredo Valencia says:

How much do they go for :) I want one :D

Chiliplease says:

That’s an interior to die for.

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