2009-2010 Audi A4 Review from Consumer Reports

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Although expensive for a four-cylinder sports sedan, the A4 is a pleasure to drive and has a well-finished interior. Watch our Audi A4 review with this video from Consumer Reports and find…


Leo Germany says:

You should of stick with American cars ..

Leo Germany says:

Quattro is an Italian word for 4 . Its not an Audi thing. 

Wallace Price says:


MrLu809 says:

The key comes out fine on mines! Horrible review!

SERDAROTmkd says:

i always laugh when Americans say motor instead of engine :D 

EliteSlayer542 says:

No radio presets? No seat heat presets? No quatro AWD standard? A 4
cylinder engine? cramped cabin? WTF Audi?! I might re consider this car as
soon as they have presets for the radio/seat heat and that stupid LCD as an
optional feature so I don’t have to get it.

ramusling says:

Well then I get the picture. That explains why you are so hateful towards
anybody with a different opinion. No wonder most people do not like
Americans if they have your attitude. Peace.

Steffi Honi says:

@desimunda116 “excellent handling as well. ” An Accord does NOT handle well
in heavy rain or snow or high winds. I lived in Denver for many years, and
the Accords routinely get stuck in the snow, plowing their way into the
nearest snowbank. No thank you. Audis don’t get stuck, and they handle MUCH
better on dry pavement as well. Buy an Accord if you want something just as
expensive that won’t handle the road nearly as well or offer anywhere near
the same level of comfort and quality.

Steffi Honi says:

@scaremenga The 450 has more power, but is also very pricey and is going to
cost nearly twice as much in fuel, a big expense these days. The MB is
going to be twice the money for the same car with an inferior traction
control mechanism that is not true AWD. All are nice cars, but if you want
to drive with confidence in bad weather, then the A4 is your only real
choice. Many report vague steering on the MB as well. The MB is not really
a sports car like the other two.

doctor_calv says:

You are the worst car reviewer on the planet! 1. there is nothing wrong
with the key 2. the interior is not cramped 3. this is the best car in its
class 4. you are a cheap gay freak with no life. The A4 is amazing

baggapo says:

Wish it said “usa” review. As the way this guy looks at the car is alot
different to what us across the pond look at

Vikas Mishra says:

wow!! dats one complaining bloke…

EliteSlayer542 says:

They should still offer it to those that want a V6! Personally, I don’t
give crap about fuel consumption! I want my car to be powerful and I want
it to growl when I accelerate! My next car is an Infiniti G37. They offer a
true, 330hp direct injection V6 standard. The fastest car for you money. At
least Infiniti isn’t going for the turbo 4 cylinder BS.

ssisakl says:

the key is fine…it gets charged when its inside the knob which is pretty
smart…..that comment is harsh..

sleeevy says:

what? theres the premium, premium plus, and prestige, which more options
availible with each trim. the quattro is not an expensive option, its
slightly more and the majority of A4′s are sold with it. I originally
wanted wood trim on mine but when I chose the black leather interior i
fouund the aluminium gives it a great, quality, sporty look. There is no
LED headlight option, its the LED running lights. They come with the
premium plus trim. You ned the prestige version for the LED tail lights

Descartes619 says:

@Fussinated LOL. haha… that’s so true.

ThePatUltra says:

There are a couple of problems with this review. He neglects to mention
just how distracting the dash system is. If I spend lots of money on a
sport saloon; the task of driving needs to be first on your attention list.
If it takes constantly glancing downward at the dash to adjust the interior
temp, it takes away from driving, and is, dangerous, really… Also, he
neglects to mention any real stats, which is what sells sport. However, I
should have known, this being Con-Blooper Re-blorts.

CuteFunnyVideo says:


ramusling says:

No surprise…. not a bad car but terribly overpriced with pretty
complicated everything…… Luxury mistaken for complicacy.

hihiho94 says:

@scaremenga a4 or three series mate, the cclass doesnt drive as good as the
other twos and uses much more fuel. +its a mercedes. 5 in 10 people
nowadays drive ann old fashioned mercedes.

jphameezy says:

he’s a bimmer guy

doctor_calv says:

This guy has no idea what he is talking about. The key is very easy to
realise, you push in and out it pops. What a dick head!

Mast3rSkillz says:

Why does he act like the key is a big problem get over it you clown.

bobzzz23 says:

the key doesn’t annoy me. you have to get used to it.

Fussinated says:

@Mast3rSkillz Because it is a problem since it is annoying not to be able
get your key out after paying tons of money to a car.

JttM199 says:

“the problem is most sport sedans offer awd to” but the question is are
they as good as quattro?

viclam says:

Every car review consumer reports does, they always say the center console
is too wide. Hahahaha

gigimanjo says:

Consumer Reports….can I work for you and really help people and make you
more trustworthy ????? This was a bad review….

hbk1012 says:

prob the best looking euro car out there…if that’s ur thing

usama1119 says:

nice car, but u get more with other german companies.

Steffi Honi says:

@JttM199 No, in fact most so-called AWD systems are not “always on” true
AWD, and most cars don’t even have a center differential. Audi uses the
Torsen center differential for their AWD cars, and it doesn’t rely on
electronics or waiting until wheels slip to react. It’s always on, so it
doesn’t wait for wheel spin, it prevents wheel spin. This is why Audi’s AWD
is safer and better in bad weather. MB and BMW are both RWD cars that react
to wheel spin. Too late!

EliteSlayer542 says:

So that means you like/ don’t mind having to take your eyes off the road to
change radio channels? Also, is the turbo engine standard? Ive looked over
the car again and as of now my main annoyances are; No standard quatro
system, Wood trim only available on premium models, chrome exterior trim
only on premium model, LED headlights are expensive, LED taillights only
available on premium and no leather steering wheel. It may sound like alot
but It bothers me that everything is only on premium.

jcmowers says:

@chinkyeyes86 Have you seen the review’s on BMW’s? They are the same. Get
over the fact this car has some drawbacks, all cars do.

Highly Porsche says:

he’s right about the a4

Will6719 says:

CR has never liked Audi. They don’t give them enough credit for building
excellent cars. Instead of saying you should get more than a 4 cyl engine
for the price, why doesn’t he say how much better fuel economy they get
than a 3 series? the bias is palpable.

mrbenyong says:

HOW can someone say a FF car has great Handling. My GTI 6 handles better,
but i wouldnt call it great handling. These reviews are good for talking
about interior and electronics but NOT ANYTHING ABOUT DRIVING.

Steffi Honi says:

@EliteSlayer542 “Personally, I don’t give crap about fuel consumption!”
With the price of fuel rising and supplies dwindling, you may change your
mind sometime. Fuel prices in Europe are higher than they are here, and I,
for one, have chosen the A4 because they have found a way to get V6 power
from a 4 with high compression, and the money saved is just an added bonus.

tmecheung says:

cramped interior? it’s the biggest interior in its class =S.

gunnydafoxx says:

I’m 6’5″ and found the interior room to be more than ample. The A4′s level
of seating comfort was one of the main reasons that I have recently ordered
one. This guy is just looking to complain! Oh and the key issue? I mastered
it on the first try. I liken this reviewer to a certain courtroom defendant
who just would not make that glove fit.

EliteSlayer542 says:

LOL, ok then. Anyway, I don’t mind having a 4 cylinder as long as it’s
powerful. I currently own a 09′ Hyundai Sonata V6 and Ive noticed that the
new Sonata for 2011 was completely redesigned with a Turbo direct injection
4 cylinder instead of V6. Why is everyone going to Turbo 4 cylinders now?

Tan H says:

So you watched the video why?

lovinitson says:

Get a 3

Steffi Honi says:

@EliteSlayer542 Because by 2030 there will only be oil available to the
military or for manufacturing, and the rest will be gone, having been
consumed. It’s finite, and it’s going fast, especially with drivers with
the attitude that says “Personally, I don’t give crap about fuel

HopePoisoned says:

it’s just a pussy review, nothing continental

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