2009 Audi A5/ Quick Drive

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Cars.com’s David Thomas takes a look at the 2009 Audi A5. It competes with the BMW 3 Series and Infiniti G37. Shot and produced by: Matthew Avery Edited by: …


emre sönmez says:

the new is better :)

emre sönmez says:

the new is better :)

Jacob Evans says:

@esos7 the A5 isnt that quick, the S5 is the fast one

Haydn K says:

I’ve just left Audi for a Lexus, The Audi A5 is unreliable and there
service is poor here in Australia. I Owned mine for 11 Month and it spent 5
months in the workshop Audi what’s happened to your quality It has to be
the worst car I have ever owned

jonzofon says:

:P One of the benefits of living in Europe :) But Audi are gonna make a
sort of Larger A5 Sportback called the A7 to compete with Mercedes-Benz
CLS, Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide which I’m sure will be
available in the USA.

ProteanView says:

This seems more like a competitor for the Mercedes CLK or E-Class coupe. I
think the A4 and C-class are in the same league as the 3-series, even
though they are sedans.

Raffi Melkonian says:

I have a 2007 A4 Cab (leased new) and I’ve already replaced the
transmission, radiator, the folding top, and some other minor things…The
car has stalled on me several times. I’m just glad the lease is over in 2
months to get rid of the piece of crap. Audi’s are know for transmission

R0o0g3r says:

gtfo niga

YEYEfarmurr says:

what about the 2.0T?

gio957 says:

BMW and Nissan….. i mean infinity are inferior to this audi, anyone who
can’t see how amazing this car is simply blind.Nice video fucktard

moderndesignworks says:

Audi A5 is like a classy lady that you can bring home to your mom to,
Bimmer 3 is like hot sexy club bitch that you just want to

dvillnave1 says:

hahah. he said the lights work at night. really? thats good to know!

MKRM27 says:

@canemcanem why does it need to be manual? please explain

whitemanisking says:

Great video have just ordered myself an A5 Sline in black, cant wait to
pick it up

MisterBennigan says:

This review looks and sounds like a worn out VHS tape

moderndesignworks says:


lulzimi says:

right talk after you’ve droven it for a year ^^

Peter Kim says:

“Audi A5 not a sports car?” – wow then a Corvette is not a Sports Coupe?

TheCarArchives says:

the engine on the 2007-present Audi A5 Engine 1.8L I4 Turbo FSI 2.0L I4
Turbo FSI 3.2L V6 FSI 3.0L V6 Supercharged FSI 4.2L V8 FSI 2.7L V6 TDI 3.0L

jonzofon says:

Coupe. Sportback has 4 passenger doors.

shipill m says:

so true man lol

oscardelahoya92 says:

shut your mouth you fuckin commented every audi video go cry cause youre a
dumbass bitch and probly a liar your an asshole so you got the sour apple

hogberto says:

‘coop’? WTF??? it’s ‘coupé’. it’s pronounced ‘coo-pay’. that’s the little
mark over the ‘e’. it’s called an acute accent. ‘coo-pay’, got it? thanks
for listening.

Rizwan Ul Haq says:

A5 Stage 2 upgrade can smoke S5, so please don’t say it doesn’t come close.
A5 no doubt is a very elegant car and looks amazing on the road.

soyabro says:

Would be better if they showed its elegant LED lights at night, its fucking

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