2009 Audi A6

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Cars.com’s Kelsey Mays takes a look at the 2009 Audi A6. It competes with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series. Shot and produced by: Matthew Avery Edi…


vv mat says:

lol i seriously doubt if i had this car i would be like “urgh that throttle
response took too long”

madalfred87 says:

@bnCOD ahahhaahaha true

seel1990 says:

this arsehole doesnt have a clue of what he’s talking about!

BH 9000 says:

i dont like that car, but i think youre the most matture person here, while
others are fitting about cars they cant even afford, youre happy with yours

chickenmony says:

no trust me i drive an 07 audi a4 and the brakes are extremely touchy, the
car just stops completley just by touching the break

Justinw580i says:

@desertdogg1 A6 is much better

1bentley4ever says:

@MrBritdog2 He also says “uhh” a lot, like he’s pulling this evaluation out
of his a%#.

Monkey D. Luffy says:

i don’t like this guy

kasanovakai says:

@Predeka the “japanish shitt” GTR fucks your Audi’s. Even the R8, at half
the price you idiot fuck. Which is why you are right, dont compare this
with japanese cars. idiot

Mike Jones says:

What’s going on in the automobile industry american cars are using turbos
japanes and european cars superchargers?? it should be the other way around

StommenDoolKhaatU says:

does anyone know why american versions of european cars have orange
direction indicators, while in europe these are see-through! anyone?

stargateatlantis17 says:

what hell is this guy talking about, Audi A6 is amazing to drive, i have
driven a Audi A6. :) I love Audi A6, and i want a Audi one day!!

olioli917 says:

saab peaked until it was taken over by GM. Then, it just became another POS
GM vehicle.

Justinw580i says:

@clubheadxtasy2 hahahaha nice comment haha i agree

psipleasure says:

fuck this guy, he is an idiot… give that homo a vw bug or a mini cooper
to review.

Joseph Rodgers says:

@kasanovakai I was doing the same type of shopping… ended up buying the
A6 over the BMW because of the AWD system feels a lot more fluid in the
quattro rather than the x-drive. I felt the media interface in the BMW
could get a little annoying at times, so I also chose the MMI. As far as
luxury and amenities, that’s all your choice. HAVE FUN!!

lilcrzytimmy says:

acually i noe in some countries that require amber turn signal. however in
the US, there are no such laws. most of our cars here have clear lense
design but uses a amber color lights. its cheaper to manufacuer and looks
better. btw. i cant think of any car in the US that still uses the amber

Camilo Botero Carrizosa says:

go have butt sex with ur mom in your hyundai u fucking retard !!!! Audi

radioman521 says:

i’m glad that i’m not the only one who noticed

Justinw580i says:

@bhowards007 hahahaha

luki01111 says:

a4 looks better then a6 !

kasanovakai says:

@poopwarrior8 if you get what i am saying… haha

Drei Obey says:

@clubheadxtasy2 it really does though like a good 2 seconds for it to kick
in gets annoying

derbigpr500 says:

Damn if this car was so cheap in my country…..50000 dollars…thats like
30000 euros…you cant get an A3 here for that price…daamn, fuck you
America and your low car prices :P

BriSound Share your Talent says:

one word for you , moustache

fff454 says:

i have a fiat 128, is the best car

lilcrzytimmy says:

you dont make sense. lol. if the car was so cheap.. .. and your sentence
ends. you just skipped to the cost and flippin americans.

analmunkey says:

you play to many video games

Kita Barbie says:

I want to slap this guy for lack of everything, he is worse than samantha
brown which card is he reading, he just reeks of gooberism.

luki01111 says:

aer thies led’s thesame as in a4 ?

chevyboi4lyfe says:

I’d choose the S5 over the A5

usama1119 says:

i think audi’s are very nice and beautiful, just that they are so expensive.

Justinw580i says:

@hazemvirus agree 100%

2pittbullss says:

my works fine. but my is older its 2005 3.2 i wish i would got 4.2

Richard Correa says:

haha i know right i would of wore bags over my feet in that car lol

Horatiu M says:

@NJLion30 wanna say Jaguar

seel1990 says:

yeh i do actually as i own an 09 model and its the best car i have driven
in terms of luxury, rifinement and practicality! anything else?

qpiz22 says:

wat a retard!lol

derbigpr500 says:

I just said that this car in europe costs twice as much as in US.

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