2009 BMW 1 Series Review

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This is a review of the 2009 BMW 1 Series by Ron Doron of Autotoob.com.


bmw racer says:

Total agreement on iDrive and the cup holders… Unnecessary junk.

GlockNinja says:

@asdfgoogle I have owned a BMW. Aside from the curb appeal, it drove and
handled clunky unless I pushed it to higher speeds. I compare it to a
Maxima (even though its a front wheel drive). Aside from “heavy duty” style
engineering compared to the Civic, the BMW is a Chevy.

Merkinmacher says:

Amateur hour for this review. Get your facts straight. What a terrible
review. I could hardly sit through this– very painful to watch. Cup
holders? iDrive? Wow… just Wow.

liberty211662 says:

Push button start is great for people wanting to steal your car.and how
tall are you

misterbear1984 says:

wow….that cup holder is lmfao-able….that wouldnt even look right in a
11k hyundai…..BMW seriously?…HAHAHA

Caseybat94 says:

how does the 135i have a bigger engine then the 128i??? theyre both 3.0l I6
, except the 135i has 2 small turbos.

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2007-present BMW 1 Series Coupe is assembled in Leipzig, Germany
Regensburg, Germany

asdfgoogle says:

@GlockNinja lol… 20k civic? What does that output? 140HP? 25k accord
is…. lets see… 190HP. Neither of them comes close to the 28k 128i at
230HP. Plus it’s a BMW. FYI, if you really wanted a fair comparison, try
comparing BMW to it’s more luxurious counterparts, such as Acura (owned by
Honda). It’s like comparing BMW to Chevy. It’s wrong. You would compare it
to Cadillac (owned by GM, which makes Chevy). Hope that helps.

Bruno TaTa says:

Enjoy your cars bought by the pound.

asdfgoogle says:

@Caseybat94 I was just on MSN Auto, and yeah, they’re both 3.0L V6′s. I
don’t know if what you were saying was a rhetorical question, because it
also looks like you answered your own question. lol.

homeboyskilletfresh says:

Awesome review! Very helpful as well. Keep up the great work.

Sparksjet says:

lol they growl especially the one with the larger engine…they both have
the same size engine lol

Prenty52 says:

fancy comparing the 1 series to the other cars mentioned (Audi) and bring
up size…if you want a bigger slower BMW buy a 3 series! If you want a
feature interior car, dont buy a German car, they are built for driving not
lounge rooms on freeways……………..

GlockNinja says:

@asdfgoogle 230HP in a BMW even if its the size of a “mini” is not enough.
Trust me. Germans make their cars heavy and glutinous. 8 courts of oil for
a 6 cylinder…don’t know what else to call it but glutinous. VW, BMW,
Mercedes, and all European cars need to come down from their high horse.
The Honda Civic is the most perfectly engineered automobile in the world.
At 1/4 the price of a VW, BMW, Mercedes, pound for pound….nothing beats
the Honda as an automobile.

GlockNinja says:

@GlockNinja I’ve owned a 1995 BMW 325is (nothing but electrical problems
and the cost of owning it is ridiculous. Oil change was $65 to $80 not to
mention everything else costing a fortune to maintain). That is not good
engineering, that is just plain corruption. I OWN (STILL OWN) a 1998 Honda
Civic. Enough Said.

Atmos says:

why are people so butt hurt when he talks about things other than the cars’
driving characteristics?

palebeachbum says:

$46k for this pipsqueak? BMWs got a big head.

palebeachbum says:

Yes, it starts in the low 30′s, but if you opt for the convertible with the
larger engine and check every option box, you’re looking at about $60k for
this car. That’s insane.

mluu510 says:

@asdfgoogle he’s referring to a civic si for about $20k. it has about 200hp

Caseybat94 says:

@asdfgoogle haha lol, i guess i did answer my quesion, but i know my
bimmers like i know…. uhh something i know very well lol… but thx for
verifying anyways.

GlockNinja says:

BMW need to get real. If Honda can make a Civic for 20K and an Accord for
25K, BMW need to come down their high horse and charge a lot less for their
entry model.

hiero00x says:

I think that’s what he meant. If not, I’m unsubscribing.

palebeachbum says:

I do, lol.

westcoastbcj says:

2009? a bit late


@GlockNinja I’m totally agree, as ex owner of 3 bimmer’s, 2 E36, and an E46
i can say is too expensive to maintainance, not problems from the engine
and mechanical but inside refinements are cheap and delicate especially on
the E36,better on the E46 aniway now i have a Lexus IS220d (180hp
turbodiesel 2.2 liter and i’m very happy with it). Sorry for my bad english.

rahulgosh1 says:

@liberty211662 – jus shows u know nothing about cars …

Gamekep says:

@liberty211662 Usually push button start requires the driver to have a kind
of “chip” within close range of the car. You usually have that “chip”
instead of your car key onto your keyring.

GlockNinja says:

@UNBOXINGCAR Its a good car but it is way over priced.

homeboyskilletfresh says:

@hozisalehi. Cars are not reviewed based off of their brands. They are seen
from a market and competitors view. Yes I know what bmw is all about and im
sure the guy reviewing it knows about them very well but u have to change
the way u view a car by its brand. Its all about what else is in the
competition and line up. U wanna go blow 35k on a 1 series go ahead but u
really need to see what else the market is offering. I mean even a company
like infiniti is a driver based cars but its jst as good

hozi salehi says:

What kinda guy would get into a BMW and talk about the iDrive? Or the cup
holder? Oh, i know! The fag kind! Dude you really should change your
approach about cars. When someone buys a bmw they talk about how it feels
when it drives, how it handles, not complain about how little space is in
the back! This 1-series is made for drivers. Y’know what? Why don’t you
just get back in your “spacious” van and get it over with. This car is not
for you.

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