2009 BMW Z4 3.0i Review – FLDetours

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Leo Parente brings the sDrive 3.0i Z4 to Brooklyn, and puts it to the test, on FLDetours.


c0nv1ct1337 says:

Accidentally deleted my comment. If you didn’t see it, I’m just gonna
restate it. Before you criticize other people, you should check the facts
yourself. BMW publicly stated there will be no M version for the BMW Z4 E89.

Kevin Kim says:

@Ji99i3 anymore???? Nissan never fell in the category of bmw

sidewayznut2009 says:

Awesome review really like this one.

sean9820 says:

Ok, but Nissan doesn’t have the style, engineering, respect, classiness or
quality of a BMW. So unless you’re only buying a sports car for just track
performance, this car is superior.

Ji99i3 says:

i know im young, but i prefer the Z’s, that is the Nissans, over the
beamers. my personal fav would be a Nissan twin turbo 300zx, but im not
sure this car falls in the same category anymore.

Lester Sanchez says:

Thank god that this one looks nice because the older ones the where just
crap what a waste of money but i still think there are better nicer cars
than this all BMW look the same nothing that gets your eye

Bad-Ass-Dad says:

Not that Leo needs the help, but I listen to a former Indy car racer over
bench racers. The car is beautiful and in the real world of stoplights and
twisty back roads it

hutchingjc says:

Excellent review Leo!

LogoRifle says:

too bad I’ll never fit in one, but I do like how the top goes down.

GSXraja says:

Leo is the man, the best presenter on FLD

Michael Perry says:

didnt find the review to be great, but not bad either. just seemed kinda
meh, and for a guy who seemed to like the car he was Meh about expressing

coolerdude44 says:

@LogoRifle how could you not fit in one? i’m 6’5” and 250 lbs, i fit like
a glove. i’d consider buying one in a few years too.

SnazzyiPhoneHacker says:

u guys showed this already….. i think

morgangamer22 says:


tranceme24 says:

They are always gonna “already showed it” bacause it pops up on fast lane
daily first… Tho, they may have a few independent reviews… So, I guess,
you may be right…haha

Jfroese2007 says:

Z4 is like a miata, good cars, but they’re so feminine.

Skippy MyMan says:

id rather have a corvette, for cheaper, and the interior is not that bad

Bowzer27 says:

first, lol nice car!

longpenis50 says:

the car is complete designed by women

anh2 says:

can you guy do the new honda fit?

MrJonphilip says:


Stevenhiggles says:

BMW Z4…American made…except for the engine…thats imported :)

Ishan Sen says:

leo said 2010 but in the tag it says 2009 im confused sexy car though

eldukedrino says:

i agree but this is damn better looking..

TheMightyEuan says:

Americans….welcome to real luxury

jondea0 says:

wow the roof folds away very quickly

Seb Ferraro says:

I just spent 4 minutes watching a video in which the guy said pretty much
nothing meaningful the entire time.

Gavin Sloma says:

Loe you kick ass and i hope to see you do more quality work like this!

CakeS2k says:

cragmac1000 is right and sorry Z4 and SLK’s are hair dresser cars men look
like pussy in them

sean9820 says:

As a bmw owner, I must say this is one of the better looking cars they’ve
made in a long time! Great review from the godfather of FLD…Leo Parente!

KSGixxer76 says:

I really like Parente’s reviews.

1HTMN1 says:

the engine takes up more than half of the car :P

sidewayznut2009 says:

Z3 is one of the best looking roadsters of all time. But this second gen z4
is dam good looking as well. and I’m not surprised it handles well but I’d
like to see it pushed against other cars in its class. But then again if I
could buy this car it would be to enjoy driving it fast sometimes not to
race it.

Google allows naughty words like Fuck and Shit says:

you could make a new billy mays.

Andy Li says:

they did LOL

mediteranian213 says:

finally an fld tour thats more then 2.30minutes !!!!!

jay whyy says:

370z and 350z are the shit. for 30-40k too

Kenneth M. Sullivan says:

@KSGixxer76 I must agree as well, I think he is great.

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