2010 AUDI A5 BOV

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Adrian Q says:

Where can I find HID lights like these for my Audi A5??

C Dubs says:

Loose the blow off dude you are driving a Audi not a Subaru!!!!

Bruno TaTa says:

Wealthy people invest in things that make them more money. Poor people
invest in shit for their cars that have 72 month payments on them. 

Denis Kopytyuk says:

What kind of bov is that?

CrimsonShinobu says:

why put a BOV on the audi? I really hope your dumb and have no idea what
your saying and actually mean its a Diverter valve upgrade because I feel
bad for your car running rich specially on an audi.

drino282 says:

@audicamaro10 i think i seen you on Biscayne blvd a while back

grevling81 says:

What kind of tire dimension is that?

cookiedoughcorp says:

is this the s- line or not

Arman Anand says:

dayum . sooo sexy !

andrashko says:

hey man, i have the 1.8 tfsi and i was wonderin if u could give me advice
on how to make my car more like urs =D im talkin abt the blow off valve and
the black rear lights which are awesome!! thx for ur reply

Ali Alherz says:

am planin to buy a5 … do u recomend it ? :)

flipclips2 says:

this the typa shit that knocks weak people out <3 im sick of my A3 i need
an A5

FireLeo IV says:

@cookiedoughcorp It’s not.

Young Rich says:

Nice Car… Which one is better your Audi or Camaro? Pertaining to which
one is funner to drive.

TheSaneDrummer says:

What kind of BOV do you have?

badevekt88 says:

Hi Audicamaro10. Nice car you have:) I a question for you about the bov. I
thought the scavange air system on this engine was closed? Is the air
recirculated or is it going into the atmosphere. Would this affect the ECU
or somehow reduce the throttle response? Im a mechanical engineer but have
not seen, or even read about this engine, I only noted some place that they
said the system was closed. I therefor assume the backpressure would be
going back to the system Cheers from Norway.

alex marin says:

@audicamaro10 very nice car. i am wondering about the 2.0 t engine though.
it doesn’t strike me as something that would be very fast. are you
satisfied with the 2.0T? is it fast enough? thanks

bandanavillain says:

That’s an angry boy right there.

Ali Alherz says:

@audicamaro10 thanx :)

Jared Shamatava says:

Vossen >.< Like the car very much!)

GmanProductionGroup says:

how do you get the psssssss sound to come out man?? i have a s5 and wan that

IIFerrariII says:

@audicamaro10 What BOV did u Install in your A5?? It’s an A5 the 2.0T right?

EvoMorgan says:

The only decent sounding Audi I’ve seen in a long time

SophieDollNYC says:

I was gonna get this today… but… the tires scare me.. i live in nyc…

kevinnijjar says:

what kind of bov is this?

badevekt88 says:

I thought the scavenge air systems in these engines where closed for

DJ JETT says:

how much do these run used?

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