2010 Audi Q7 4.2 Start up, Exhuast and In Depth Tour (Saabklye04 style)

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A full walk around tour of this 2010 audi q7 4.2fsi v8 (1 of only 940 made!!) Prestige package is included options are: Adaptive air suspension Trailer hitch…


Simo Simoco says:

Very good reviews
But your breathing sound like a horror movie XD

ilia93 says:

Very nice ! only review of the q7 i’ve seen so far that shows the 3rd row
in detail … i wonder if adults can be comfortable in it though ? or is it
really made just for children ?

Asher Nzuka says:

This is the best video of the Q7 you give all details I love it

Masaki Ch says:

thank you 

eduardo ramirez says:

someone now the name of song at 5:30??

Simo Simoco says:

Very good reviews
But your breathing sound like a horror movie XD

MisterDiXy says:

Amazing review!!! You’ve done this review better than most TV shows! Well
done & thanks!!! :)

carfreak493 says:

thanks! i got reviews of both a 2013 s4 and 2013 q5 3.0t coming soon!

extremepsychogamer says:

do all q7′s come with a trailer hitch?

Kelvin Musyoki says:

first of all this must be the best q7 tour.i feel like i was right there

ThePKProject says:

Dude! This video is just as good, if not a little better than the first
one! First off, I LOVE your car. Second, I love how you show your knowledge
with your cars as well, and not just showing the car for the hell of it.
Very impressive, PLEASE do more cars! lol!

Krunal Rindani says:

@carfreak493 Liked this review of yours! Work a little bit more and you can
beat saabkyle04! Subscribed!!

BigDell500 says:

Great tour!!! Loved the night shots!

keemi vassell says:

i swear this is the best review i had ever seen… trust me i love the q7
and u protrayed a great job. i wouldnt think twice to buy it! thankd man

carfreak493 says:

im 5″11 and I fit fine in the 3rd row if u move the 2nd row all the way up,
it can slide back and foward about 5 inches. 2nd row is extremely spacious.

Young Progressive says:

@carfreak493 Can you do a review of the 2011/2012 Infiniti QX56?

CWRT says:

@Channel4Four That’s what Kyle always does!

Lucas Hammou says:

Wow more than I thought this car had,… Fully loaded!! Lol

RCGCarReviews says:

Very very nice video and car man! Sounds excellent! Nice job!

shzwan zuhairi says:

This not good like saabkyle04

proteanview says:

…and now, without further adieu…

Izibio menon says:

this was the best review of the Q7 I’ve come across.. you’ve done a great
job.. :)

Nutns Panuwit says:


carfreak493 says:

@xvrhernandez349 thanks man, kyle has yet to do a q7 and i had access to
one, thought it would be perfect. i tried to make it as indepth as the
15minute limiter could let me, there is so many features in this car its
insane!! as for the camera it is a sony HDR-Sr12 full hd harddrive
camcorder, you can see it when i fold down vanity mirror.

SubieSean says:

Awesome looking car.

carfreak493 says:


Moses Sosa says:

This is even better than saabkyles believe very well detailed the wa it
should going to buy one now thank you. You have made my day

ThePKProject says:

@carfreak493 ohhhh sweet! i’m a chrysler fan, so seeing a jeep will be
sweet :)

seckinboy says:

Thanks man. But I have alot of buttons on my q7 that I don’t know what they
are for

George Panagiotopoulos says:

nice video…can u do a video on the car options menu plz

Kendra Davis says:

I will be behind this baby sooner than you think. Welcome to the family!

Tech Defender says:

why didn’t u do a tdi prestige? 3.0t??

tonk tt says:

I think, should be Diesel …

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