2010 Audi S4 vs. 2007 Audi RS4

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The Smoking Tire takes two hot Audi’s, the 2010 S4 and the 2007 RS4, up into the canyons of Malibu to find out how their newest sport sedan compares to their…


Bilal Ahmed says:

The RS4 I would take over any new S4 any day, looks better, sounds better,
and I wouldn’t regret buying it. It’s stupid that Audi hasn’t figured out
the oil consumption issue yet. Other better cars like BMW and Mercedes-Benz
don’t have issues like those, because they work them out. The oil
consumption issue has been there for years Audi, figure it out. The 4.2
litre is beast and one of the best engines.
The really like the older Audi’s !

lobniklukas says:

that RS4 badge is completely out of position!

dudebrhm says:

And why the fuck do people keep buy an Audi A4,S4,RS4? Simple, the salesman
will never tell you about the oil consumption. HAHAHAHA!!!!

Matthew Gorres says:

1000 like

DJWario says:

navigation or not should never be a topic for a car. Engine, suspension,
transmission and if time allows sure radio etc talk.

Keyes Audi says:

Would you rather drive a new Audi S4 or an older, more performance-oriented
RS4? The Smoking Tire takes these two Audi Sport Sedans for a spin to find
out which is the better deal!

Rex Houseo says:

If these guys keep driving Audi vehicles, Audi will catch up with BMW in
the douche factor pretty soon.

Kole Page says:

Is a b7 s4 good cause I’m looking at them and I like them 

doublevanoz says:

Annnd there nearly faster than a e46 M3, keep tryin’ Audi n ill keep
lookin’ like douche. 

madeppy mage says:

These guys spent so much time on little shit like navigation and the
armrests and the sound

why dont they actually talk about the suspension and the gearing and the
handling instead of babbling about the stupid satnav

ra wige says:

The RS4 is a much better car!

Nicolas Restrepo says:

Legroom in the back!!? What car where these two guys driving? One thing ALL
a4s are infamous for is the LACK of rear leg room.

DrJ2042 says:

Back to turbo 6 next?

Jonathan Parke says:

listen to these two girls rant. a pair of little bitches.

Gary Kwan says:


flybyya says:

cool azz review

David Veltri says:

I love how much Craig talks about his ex wife. Shit cracks me up.

Johnson Loo says:

love the review. the guys tell it like it is! No bull shit!

DJWario says:

Rs4 has such a better look also, and sound. Its a real car. the s4 is ugly
looking i dont like audi’s current headlights. They look robotic or kid

Evan Ross says:

***Hey Matt ik you used to have a Audi S4, I’m looking to buy a 2004 S4
with 84k miles on it, could you tell me your experience with your car? And
is it smart to buy one with the miles it has? Thanks

Daan Kooy says:

lol almost al things they love about the s4, are hated by Europe’s reviews,
and al the things they hate, are loved by Europe’s reviews.. 

Gabriel Dalcomune says:

Plan: Buy a A4. Get a stage 1 turbo. Then exhaust, intake, clutch, wheels,
and coilovers. 

traxxas35 says:

why is everyone bitching about the oil consumption so much? Its not that
big of a deal, just fill it up every 1500miles or whatever and it will be
golden. Takes 3 seconds, doesn’t cost much.

Ya-BOY ChickenLittle says:

The only complaint I have about this video is the everyday driver ad in the
end. Their reviews are god awful

IrishChris1979 says:

I love both of them and certainly wouldn’t mind owning either or both of
them in a perfect world, but if I had to make a choice, I’d go with the
RS4 in a heartbeat. That powerful, awesome sounding V8 is the main reason.
Now if that V8 was in the new S4 I’d much rather have that one. Both are
awesome obviously :)

Alex Wilde says:

couldnt agree more they sound awesome

INumba1Stunna says:

Snow. And it’d be fun to just run over things. I’d drive a Hummer anydayyy.
Just not the H3, that’s too small.

coinsagE46m3 says:

I’m sorry Matt, you have it the other way around. The RS4 may have
“classic” lines, but no Audi can escape its through-the-roof douchebag
factor. May not have always been that way, but it is now, espeially since
the R8.

FUCK202 says:

Both are awesome, but I think I’d have to choose the RS4 just for the V8

SwiftHDX says:

I’ve got an A8 and it has done much more than that.

thetruthis9 says:

these are some corny mofos…

savvas Quattro says:

wrong colour for the s4

Tanner Young says:

Actually it is hideous. You see, sir, this is called an opinion, and I am
entitled to my own. Also, I don’t care how much you spent in extra’s on a
waste of car. Should have gotten a used RS4. See, I can say stupid,
unnecessary things, too. Even if what I say is actually true.

Tanner Young says:

I love how they failed to mentioned that the new S4 is BUTTFUCK UGLY,
whereas the RS4 is simply gorgeous from every angle.

Toyota4Life says:

RS4 # 1 Audi

hotanta vahsisi says:


Mo Karzon says:

From a V6 Audi to a Hummer H1? How does that work?

Retardday1 says:

My stepmom has an 2010 Audi A4.

Rottie2hotty says:

agreed the navs poor

crnk4real says:

Um, lets go ahead and mention that the RS4 has the Carbon Buildup issue and
is EXTREMELY expensive. Sorry, I love the RS4 so much but it really wasnt
that great when it came to the reliability and ownership experience

racedude123456789 says:

I would have a BMW M3 end of story!

clamps69 says:

RS$ is the absolute top of the line Audi? LOL what?

2007TypeR says:

So lets get this straight, the number 2 reason why you like the RS4 is
because of the “low douchbag factor”? Seriously, amazing journalism.

Tanner Young says:

I don’t even have words. I just want to bang my head against the keyboard.
You got rid of an RS4?! You are certainly clinically insane. That is all.
And, by my standards, it’s hideous. Also, I think red cars are the most
disgraceful thing ever, and their drivers are usually compensating for
something else ;D. I used to not want to believe Jeremy Clarkson when he
said all of the cocks moved from BMW to Audi, but now, I have no choice…

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