2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 7

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BMW has revealed their new 7-Series ActiveHybrid, ahead of its official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Scheduled to go on sale in the United States n…


kostjama says:

Why my nokia battery is dead after charging every day?

Ken Ferri says:

What’s the point to buy a 7-series and save petrol?

mohammadVTC says:

i didnt no they did that but i drive a S500 so i can kick there ass right
up until they tune there cars… =(

c0nv1ct1337 says:

Apples to oranges.

akajambas says:

this car is the effing future man. that performance and technology is

NovaRock09 says:

eBoost ^^

NotARealUTubeAccount says:

Are you serious this thing has an 8 speed tranny? :O

flaconyc1 says:


smartepants777 says:

This is pretty cool for a hybrid.

tranceme24 says:

Its funny how people say this 7 series is ugly. After complaining so long
about the the last gens looks.

1bentley4ever says:

I thought the Mercedes S400Hybrid was awesome, but I cannot resist saying
it. This 7-series is the best hybrid on Earth!

112namrepus says:

Yeah you get nicer wheels on a 15K car like a Mazda 3. They should come
with 22″ Chrome wheels that are ether 5 or 7 spoke deep dish wheels. Like
this place wvvw 0 forgiato . com / gallery /

MrLieutenantDan1 says:

I have driven one and it was awesome. YES driven one, here in the US. (one
of only two currently in the US.) From what I was told Jamie Fox (the
actor) has one, and I have driven the other one. it was black on black and
was sooooo cool to drive….

GT4tube says:

nice! bmw have 8 gear ? [M8]? omg!

Pezdetz666 says:

The pictured car is the L model, with longer wheelbase.

Luis Rubio López says:

algo soso sin sonido

queenzortje says:

@MrLieutenantDan1 i drove the x6 active hybrid

inlinesicks says:

It looks great and Im sure it performs beautifully but Im not really sure
how well its going to sell, the way I see it is, if your buying a car for
~$100,000 you probably dont care how many mpg it gets.

Niko Bellic says:

wow, this car has style! just look at it…

Markus Kowalski says:

ich will das Geld für das Auto haben!!!

112namrepus says:

the wheels look like crap

dodomuro2 says:

ugly as hell

Giorgi Nadibaidze says:

O Yeah 8 GEar! THis is GrEAT!

MrLieutenantDan1 says:

Also this is the words fastest street legal hybrid… Prius owners eat your
heart out this is realy ZIPPY :o)

DutchManticore says:

I can’t belive nobody talks about this thing. It’s bloody fast, it’s
relatively bloody efficient…. Buy this instead of a 760li is you want to
be noticed as a CEO is what I say.

lahori004 says:

a person can afford $100,000 car with v12 engine,, i dont think he cant
afford $3 GAS.. i will never buy hybird.. i doesnt mean i didnt like bmw
hybird but i mean to say is that 7 series is too big for hybird.. it didnt
suits it..

g1981c says:

8 gears is the new standard. Lexus and BMW have it, Audi is getting it and
even Hyundai is working on a 8 gear transmission for the Genesis

yel123 says:

BMW is the most rubbish quality car ever made in Germany

garysdeskcom says:

BMWs are nice cars, but the overall shape of the car is not pleasant –
feels too stretched. The point of a hybrid is to save gas. A hybrid of the
Queen Mary does not make much sense. Drive a smaller car.

yangbwoi says:

i know this is blasphemous i love bimmers but wow i kept thinking stretched
out accord when i’m looking at it especially the 7 active hybrid badge…
looks so naked without a 50 or 60 behind the 7 lol. the interior still
looks exceptional of course.

Rog says:

You dont get rich by wasting your money

crownroyal111 says:

that car is UGLY as fuck.

NISMOEauRouge says:

I know!! If I am paying $100,000 for a car, I am at least expecting 20″
rims and chrome. But I am sure they have upgraded rims. If not, well, then
there is the aftermarket.

c0nv1ct1337 says:

I wouldn’t even label this as a large sedan… It seems long enough to be a

CJAE Y says:

And? are you back in 2005. A8, 7 series, LS are just in the same class to
compete, they all look different. If you think they are ripped you’re an

William Morrissette says:

BMW: Best Motorisation in the World

lavakava says:

Mercedes had the history of innovations starting from making the 1st
automobile that incorporates ICE, carburettor, alternator, clutch..the
basis of the modern car. not to mention ABS, airbags, side-impact bars,
impact-cushioning seats, luxury features that are found in most other cars
these days…

lahori004 says:

oo 4 that….. i got it now…

c0nv1ct1337 says:

You’re such a child. If you made at least a structured and intelligent
argument I would of took you seriously. This just proves to me you’re 12
years old with a Mercedes bias which you will probably never be able to

lavakava says:

who invented the automobile? karl benz financed by a jewish banker, whose
daughter’s name was mercedes. not BMW…bmw sucks…they copied mercedes
like every other car maker on the planet. bmw = mercedes wannabe…it has
no status or luxury… performance: hmmm…i can go with a ferrari for
performance…it will kill beemer-double-u

TonyThriller says:

The 7 series before this was much better. This is not as good but still

crownroyal111 says:

I dont care how many tv’s it has it it. Fucker looks like a snow plow.

John Ajohn says:

2:40 the beast is unleasted

mrjost55 says:

wow this thing is ugly

Bryan Decker says:

omg its the 8 speed!

tiagom135 says:

bmw is making horryble cars now

airplaneguy17 says:

not really

112namrepus says:


yel123 says:

the worst quality car ever made in Germany, continious tons of electronic
and mechanical problems, Rubbish quality , constant service shop visits
huge time and money loss, bmw=BIG MONEY WASTED, less like bmw made from raw
materias!!! Look at JD Powers initials quality study for last 5 years bmw
was and is below industry average!!!

Daniel Bejarano says:


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