2010 BMW E60 M5 vs. 2003 BMW E39 M5 Comparison Review

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http://www.carnecks.com presents a comparison review of the two most recent production BMW M5 sedans; the 2010 E60 M5 and the 2003 E39 M5. Both cars are revi…


zakoblivioa says:

I love BMW ///M but i know for sure that a m5 e60 can NOT do 204mph top
speed that bull shit top speed it 155 with lock and around 186 mph without

Mitchell Bachtold says:

Love how people hate on the e60. Obviously have never been in one. 

joey Minarczyk says:

The E60 is a beast so one night we are driving around a dodge charger srt
or srt8 couldn’t tell which one it was pulls up at the light it’s 230 in
the morning and he tells us to the next light let’s see what your foreign
got so me and my boy are 23 granted we were waiting for this moment are
whole life tl just for a random light race instead of looking for one we
start reving up the car the light goes green boom like that were hitting 60
so fast he puts it in sport mode and we top out at 197mph. It was a good
race we barley beat the charger and the dude comes up to us and says well
what can I say she’s a beast meaning our car and that’s how the night

analanalyst says:

e39 is the charming, class bmw while the e60 is a crazier, more flashy

Ro Hin says:

E39 m5 is by far way better looking than that fat shitty looking E60 m5
japanese shit design.

Connor Baxendale says:

Lol all he does is say there is quad exhausts, rims and a m5 badge. What a

MPLFoster says:

this host fucking blows…seriously, what a terrible host.

PorscheSweden says:

Both are dream cars, they are very cheap to purchase on todays 2nd hand
market. But maintaining and replacing of clutch, break pads, disks, fluids,
etc costs a ton of money. Also high mileage cars that haven’t been
maintained they way they should have a chance to break down sadly. I’d
choose an E39 M5 over the E60, and i’d to a muffler delete <3

Yusatt says:

M5 E39 – dad
M5 E60 – son 

Gideon Bouwman says:

In my opinion both cars have their pro’s and cons, the E60 is more
agressive in power but looks like a normal E60 with M kit, apart from the
The E39 looks really agressive, performs like crazy bit is just old,
although i have a desire for de E39 :)

Makkfeju HD says:


Quinn Lawrence says:

What about the E34?

Justin Winkworth says:

E60 sounds way better than the e39 too bad you cant really hear it because
this retard put music over it.

Mad Scientistsami says:

beautifull cars but review sucked

Sven Ruugla says:


KPAracing says:

BMW E39 5-series is a top vehicle. Solid built, good quality materials
used, nice looks, reliable in-line 6 cylinder and V8 engines, not too many
bullshit electronics apart from the basics and in my opinion it’s one of
the best BMW cars ever made.

ZlatanYT says:

E60 looks girly, while the E39 is a classic power monster, a beast, and
looks way more sexy.

John Smith says:

this guy is so cheesy

Vitalijus Nenartovič says:

Song list?

chris rubin says:

I never comment on videos and I absolutely love bmw m5′s, but this guy is
so fucking terrible that I couldn’t even watch this… like holy shit what
a prick

nathan new says:

7:49 of brain damage, please never do another car review

Jordan Thomas says:

Seen the newer M5 in person and it does NOT look like the 5 series. I
definitely had to look twice

redline455 says:

E39 hands down. Anybody thats driven these two cars knows that the true
drivers car is the e39. V8 sound and soul, power at any rpm not just north
of 5000, crazy driver and car connection, simple and elegant design…..its
simply a beautiful machine. Not knocking the e60, theres just something too
regular about it…

WhereTheLoud says:

What part of Virginia? 

7masterchief7 says:

They’re called wheels, the rim is the outermost part of the wheel. And the
E60 M5 does NOT look like just another 5-Series. The E28, E34, and E39 M5
models did look quite similar to their base models, because they were
simple and elegant. But the E60 M5 had a design language that grabbed you
by the ears, shook you around, and screamed in your face “I’m an M5!”
Please educate yourself before making a comparison review or whatever you
call this petty excuse of a video.

icefreeze117 says:

This guy is full of shit. Just telling us it looks like a 5 series, oh but
look over here hole in fender too cool it down, quad exhaust, etc. “Big
brakes to stop”, “Shark fin” eat me alive? What? I stopped watching the
video after that and that I noticed all of the thumbs down. Learn from this
criticism “Carnecks”. 

Charley Meyer says:

They have the “shark fin” on other e60 s it is just the antenna

Melvin Hale says:

*vomits* lol. j/k. Decent vid. I’ll watch anything with an E39 M in it.
Love my E39 M5. :) // I will say that your conclusion about which one you’d
take to a bar is off. The E39 is a guys guy that walks into the bar.
Everybody knows him. Everyone likes him. Big, tough, gentle giant. Just
don’t piss him off. The E60 is the guy from jersey shore. Works out
constantly. Wears tight shirts, flashy jewelry, gel’d up hair. Has his shit
together and wants everyone to know. Sunglasses and silk/rayon shirts with
3 buttons undone to show off his tuft of chest hair. // And there you have
it. :P

john Windridge says:

I love my e39 M, best car ive ever owned! I do various trip from the UK to
nurburgring and its the tool for the job, just a shame parts are so

Firas Abou Hamza says:

im in love with this cars <3

NewShockerGuy says:

When they are side by side like that the e39 is so much sexier looking.
Makes teh e60 look like a pig..

zorki weaver says:

epic douchebag. nice work.

iClassic says:


bbcraz1226 says:


1954telecaster says:

sure the new one is faster and blah blah blah but it doesn’t look or
feel like a bmw, the e39 had so much more soul

Tarek Salah says:

The E39 is just Timeless, the E60 is of course a great car, but there is
just something about that E39

blues3531 says:

does this guy get paid for these shit reviews? “le-git” what a douche.

Dr. Astronaut, Phd says:

Terrible presentation and production. 

Robert Cartwright says:

this guy makes BMW drivers look like assholes

Charles Ferguson says:

My new haircut? Is that you?

Mista Meena says:

This guys an absolute bellend

Ameer khan says:

i’d drive the sleek 4 door e39 before i even lay hands on that fat obease
v10 looking piece of shit. i can supercharge it, and do all my little mods
and w/e and stil drive it in comfort. plus the e39 still turns heads. i see
those e60s all the time around the city and it looks close to a lifted x
series. shit. i’d take the x6 m over that. and sorry to sound like a
complete fanboy right now, that guy did not just say the e39 looked like a
5 series. the e60 looks like a typical five series since the past 3

akacahlm says:

This guy is a real douche. Great cars though.

Danny Kowalski says:

Good video and concept, pity about the unfunny ass wipe.

Gurdman EZ says:

Nothing wrong with looking like a five series bruh bruh

Tobi Awosika says:

Song list anyone?

Path Intrathut says:

E39 is way better

george andrews says:

They shift like a ton of medal…

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