2011 Audi A4 – Drive Time Review with Steve Hammes

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Drive Time review of the 2011 Audi A4 2.0 TFSI quattro Tiptronic Sedan by auto critic Steve Hammes www.DriveTime.cc.


LS R says:

@stevehammes I traded a 2008 E90 for a 2012 A3 Sportback, since new 3
series don´t look very good, and they are damn expensive, even if I liked
them wouldn´t have the cash for one. But also agree on BMW interiors.
Although the F30 interior is nicer than the E90 (which honestly felt kind
of cheap to me), I really love what Audi does with the interior of the
cars. Really nice A4. Only thing I don´t like is the accelerator pedal,
rather have them emerging from the floor than from the dashboard.

Dave Muscarella says:

Its amazing how this car has an 8 speed and there are other cars out there
with a 4 speed.

Lax Mawrence says:

@stevehammes ah ok

SoulElitex says:

is it true that audi has low reliability? i was planning on getting my
first luxury car and audi was my 1st pick but ive done some research and it
says audi has low reliability and that lexus and acura is the way to go

Riiiisc says:

doesn’t look really good, I like the A5 more :p

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@droppinsumfudge The A4 was the first “sedan” to have it.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@LeadHammer Right on. I was a little surprisd by that myself. That’s why I
mentioned the sports differential being available for the S4.

OneOfOne says:

yeah everyone always is on audi design but the reliability is like making
this into an attractive woman who is also bipolar

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@Jferrari427 Completely agree. BMW is falling behind in their exterior
styling as well…starting to look “old” instead of “classic.”

Timej Vogrin says:

we had black one.. and we love it!!

Taylor B says:

Its awesome how you always seem to review the cars I’m interested in like I
was just into the 300c srt8 then ctsv and now a4/s4 or a5/s5

Man Garibay says:

@Slimecrazy234 I’m with you on this one Buddy. To me FWD says economy,
which is not the case in Mercedes and BMW, and for those who can’t afford
them there are some cheaper Japanese options.

Marco Simone says:


newera3443 says:

Zomg! Thank you for the review. I love you Steve. No homo.

Tyler Allen says:

so steve, how does one get a job such as yours?

tjbrown17320 says:

Throughout your car driving reviews and experiences, do you prefer
automatic or manual when dealing with sports cars and performance cars?

Billy Sou says:

@stevehammes Also at the same time, BMW looks to be timeless with their
exteriors. Now, currently if I had a choice for a German luxury vehicle,
I’d look at Audi.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

The A5 is a GREAT looking car, for sure.

tigerbalm says:

I’ve never understood who drives these cars the way it’s spec’d out ? Maybe
10% of the time, but where CAN you drive them aggressively and NOT get a
ticket? After paying for premium fuel, equipped with AWD, Turbo,
performance tires/suspension, etc…who needs all these? And for $38k+?
This is not a car for racing on streets or a track-it’s too nice!

ms3bani says:

no s4 avant, damn you audi usa :( :( :(

y571 says:

am trying to buy this car .. base base version .. it doesn’t matter what it
has .. look at it its gorgeous !!!

Daryl Shook says:

The exterior looks bigger than a compact sedan. Is it smaller up close and
in real life?

dlphnwx says:

@steve…how does this car compare to the infiniti g37x? i know the g is
faster…but in terms of ride quality, handling and interior? thanks

Proallstarable says:

Can you plase do a review on the 2011 lexus is350? That would be
grateful.thank you.

Caleb Marks says:

Beautiful from the back, not too sure about the front though. Great car
though, 8 speed automatic is sweet.

Slimecrazy234 says:

It’s still FWD and has largely FWD proportions. Sorry but if I’m buying a
compact executive sport sedan it needs to be RWD to start.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@tjbrown17320 The best automatic dual clutch transmissions, like those from
Audi/VW are so good that I rarely miss a stick. But in general…like with
a Corvette or Mustang, I’ll take a manual for sure.

Homer Simpson says:

Now if they can make em reliable..

Eric M says:

get a camera and test drive a car! then upload it.

Lax Mawrence says:

i thought the r8 started the LED fad, then it was the A5…

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@itsTiLER No formula for success, really. Right place at the righ time kind
of thing…plus a car and TV background.

its2realj says:

I love audi’s but i think 40k is too much for this model. Time to step it
up AUDI!

Jferrari427 says:

Definitely have to agree with all the points made in this review. I test
drove this vehicle, it really is an excellent vehicle for the money. Some
of the interior buttons need an upgrade, my 2008 Audi TT conv., has the
same exact dated steering well controls. BMW is also guilty with really
dated bland interiors.

LeadHammer says:

“rear-biased” and “tends towards understeer” seem to contradict with each

heemoii . says:

please someone reply, does this car need premium gas? or just reg??

Billy Sou says:

I’ll take this A4 over a BMW 3-series. If you’re not careful on how you
option a 3-series, it’ll knock near $50K.

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