2011 Audi A4 Test Drive & Review

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Steve takes the new 2011 Audi A4 around some turns to see how it feels.


Amine Estephan says:

Imagine phone sex with this guy

Christina Xanthaky says:

I just bought a 2011 Audi A4 in October and I have had nothing but
problems with it. It has ben in the shop since April 15 and I don’t have it
back yet. I went through 2 bearings, a tire, oil leak which they finally
are looking at and fixing. I needed a rear main seal. On top of that while
they were fixing that they found that I needed throw out bearing and now
they had to order another part for the leak in the clutch. I also need
pistons and rings. Glad that Audi is paying for all the repairs on this

Daban Yaseen says:

Please do E Class 2014 and definitely S Class 2014

arifeens says:

One of the best car reviews I’ve ever seen, subscribed! :)

cannonp10 says:

are they reliable tho i have a 04 passat not very reliable its a very heavy
car tho i tell u that 

MultiJay10 says:

Hello Crowley

Plazma Keks says:

This is one smooth talker. This guy can sell you poison and you will still
love him.

Vaibhav Desai says:

I can feel your happiness when you are on that driving wheel. Can’t afford
a new one but can definitely make do with the 2011 model. I just needed
that last push before deciding on this and you gave me that :)

kenbefound says:

“A little bit of joy on four wheels” gotta love this guy ;)

Safwan Hussaini says:

lol a subscribe sign on the window

Stefan Budai says:

I love this car I don’t think I’ll buy different brand in future! Audi

northstar1950 says:

Not a rattle eh, I would hope not its a new car!

Istronglybelieve says:

OH MY FUCKING GOD>>>> Subliminal pause at 3:19 he put the window down and
you see subscribe….

J John says:

You sir know how to review… And your production/videography team is
amazing! I’m subscribing!!!

Ranjith Akmeemana says:

Sri Lanka

J Smith says:

Audi is not a premium car it’s a VW

srk7555 says:

Thanks for nice compliment. We appreciate your support and watching our
video..:) Steve

Pinoy Zoi says:

50k is for the S4

Tesla Fan says:

just look at those fucking daytime running lights there fucking amazing

Kevin Montgomery says:

In that case so is Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Bentley…

Dkhan23 says:

Acura? that’s a good joke

JohnnyOthman says:

Im so jealously :(

john hunter says:

be careful with the excessive oil consumption problem

doktora1001 says:

DEAR SANTA !!!!!!!!!

LoneStar says:

I actually like this 2011 a4 more than the new models.

Miichelzz94 says:

I bought Audi A4 2011 TFSI 1.8 160hk today :) Superproud.!

MultiKdizzle says:

It’s Audi’s #! seller simply because it is entry level. C Class, 3 Series,
and TL are similarly top sellers for their respective manufacturers.

giannski says:

great work ethic, subscribed

Shin Spears says:

Please review in depth the 2013 Audi A4…

teaminfiiniitii45 says:

where do you live ?

Alan Mann says:

excellent at 03:19 keep it up :)


I´m only 18, and I have the 2012 A4 in black. This car is really amazing!!!

john hunter says:

yeah it’s not a review, more like a commercial ;)

bobzzz23 says:

your kiding right? My family had a 328 i x drive and it drove like shit and
worked like shit, we sold it 6 months after buying it. we hated it so much!
now i love the M6 and the X5 M but Audi makes some preety Amazing cars too!

womanbeater3 says:

My cousin is in US I wanted to get one he check on Audi Dealer US 50K brand
new Audi A4 2013, I can get cheaper used one but I wanted a new one.

srk7555 says:

Wow… That was one of the nicest compliments I have ever received. Thank
you. I really appreciate it. I hope you get to enjoy one of these fine
vehicles someday..:) Steve

nosreme63 says:

Thank you, Michael Douglas

brett sims says:

the word 4 is 4 letters. OMG MIND BLOWN

CyberEmy says:

deffo A4

lolzlmao11 says:

I think his reviews are great.

Dkhan23 says:

BMW’s are ugly and cheap? HAHA that’s why you’re buying a fiat?

Jeong Augustine says:

Love it. I am a student now but in the future, I hope I will be successful
and be driving in an Audi. :)

YU TIAN says:

I subbed.

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