2011 Audi A5 top three car quirks review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) Every car has something about it that makes it special, unique and of course quirky. Here are the top three car quirks of the 2011 …


Andrew Masse says:

the scrolling thing… the scroll bar is on the left of the display… so
it makes sense.

circa le says:

meh pretty weak quirks

stillgettingolder says:

LED work very well and watch the rest of the brands follow the leader
and yes, everything “roadglidin62 and 305r562″ said

roadglidin62 says:

completely mindless. 1) the LED light closing while the directional is
functioning is for safety. I’ve seen them operate on the road, on coming
traffic can actually SEE the directional flashing. Hardly a quirk. 2) The
stereo function? C’mon man! Try it ONE time and make a note of it! 3)
the cup-holders… jeesh. This is a nit-pick if I ever heard one. I would
punch the white off your face for drinking a beverage in my A5. LOL

305r562 says:

Fat american wanting bigger cup holders

tepeke88 says:

None of these quirks would bug me! I will still buy the a5 because of its
sexyness n handling!

09blackcobaltss says:

a5 is one of the best looking cars on the road

Das16vmk2golf says:

Silly american.


@heretherenewhere Also, remove that stick from your ass.


@heretherenewhere Yes, because somewhere I implied exceptions don’t apply.
Oh wait, I didn’t.

TheRiggenbach says:

Sorta getting nit-picky with the cupholder complaints. Ain’t nobody
drinking anything but water in that car if i owned it…

heretherenewhere says:

@DBCOOPER888 Nice to know. It’s funny that I’m black and I just purchased
the new 2012 Audi A6. You’re a fucking asshole; jokes on you.


@305r562 No, they just want cup holders that hold normal size cups beyond
just a can.

Lily R says:

I own an ’11 S5 and none of the quirks bother me. The rotation of the
screen selection is the same in the bmw. The tiny can holder is awesome,
too. It perfectly holds my daily Starbucks espresso shot can.


@graguyvatural And if they could, they’re driving a Chrysler 300.

Japplesnap says:

2011 has the 3g MMI, not the 2g.

MrJimbodian says:

Hand Job!


@graguyvatural Because black people can’t afford these cars anyway.

cosmicquandary says:

@wallyyfm it was a quirk review, just point out the flaws of the car

jamsemperfi says:

yes, it is unsightly to have the drl leds to turn off with the blinker on.
but no worries, that can be fixed with VCDS. i know, ive done it to my 08 S5

shangeeth aiyathurai says:

why is everyone that reviews cars white


@beretboy22 Cool…but you’re an exception.

Japplesnap says:

I configured my LEDs to stay on when the turn signal is flashing. No big
deal. As for the MMI dial, if you look on the left side of the screen,
you’ll see a graphic that looks like this: ( Of course that would make you
realize that you’d turn the knob clockwise to go up and counter-clockwise
to go down.

wallyyfm says:

this was the dumbest review of anything

beretboy22 says:

@DBCOOPER888 I’m black and I have a 2011 Audi A5 Cabriolet — and I can
afford it. I bought it at age 25 too.

shangeeth aiyathurai says:

why iseveryone that reviews cars white

shangeeth aiyathurai says:

@DBCOOPER888 shit thats actually tru

theprodigy0070 says:

If you spend extra money and get the sat-nav, the controller knob is below
the gear stick and its much easier to control. Who cares about the cup
holder? Maybe if you Americans drank less crap and just bought the regular
size star bucks coffee ye wouldn’t all be so fat! And the LED turning off
while the signal light is on is a great safety feature. I love my A5. Most
beautiful car on the road. So NEH :-P

CLarose says:

I guess im an exception too because Im black and I own a 2013 A5. I also
own a 2008 BMW 328i coupe. All at the ripe old age of 27. Heh…

hunter john says:

why does that 2011 have the 2g mmi system and not the 3g. i have a 2010 a5
and it is a completely different mmi system. That one shown looks like the
same one as on the 2009 s5 i drove with the 2g mmi. anyone know why?

gyes99 says:

The quirkiest thing is you drink non-alcoholic beer :)

AlternativeUses says:

i have an 2012 a5 2.0T. they improved some of the quirks of the MMI system
with the 2012 model year the scrolling is the same – you get used to it.
you’re right about the cupholder, it’s about the only truly irritating
aspect of the car. the winking headlights look stupid but they can be
disabled with a VAGCOM controller.

ramennoodlechef says:

@graguyvatural why even be stupid and turn it into a race thing? that’s
like saying why aren’t there asian people in Tyler Perry movies…

John Lingel says:

ill stick with subaru

Archerke says:

you call that a car review?? all you talked about was the cup holder, the
inverse turning button on the audio system, and the LED headlight?

ricepaddy69 says:

I think the LEDs turn off so that the people seeing the A5 can see the turn
signal clearly. That’s the only reason I can think of.

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