2011 Audi Q5 2.0T quattro – Drive Time Review

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Drive Time review of the 2011 Audi Q5 2.0T quattro by auto critic Steve Hammes.


TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@TripleXXX8700 Good point…though I’ve never seen a Q5 towing anything:
4,400 pounds no matter which engine you get.

kiedis066 says:

Is this the brilliant black or the phantom black?, great review by the way!!

bdivy1 says:

Looks better w/o the LEDs. imo.

Ting Jiang says:

is that a 8 automatic shiftable gear box?

Shahul Usman says:

Fantastic. The 2.0 is one of the best international engines. Service needed
every 10k miles and not ridiculous to maintain. You can buy $820 Audicare
that prepays your services for 4 years/45k miles vs being forced to buy it
in the Msrp of a BMW

DJEddieXZ says:

Can you reivew the 2011 Kia Optima Both Turbo and regular versions?

knack0125 says:

They ought to make that 2.0T optional for all trims. If I could afford such
a thing i’d get the top trim with all the bells and whistles along with the
2.0T so i can make my money back since it takes premium. But atleast its a
good step by Audi.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

Negative. Eight-speed automatic with Tiptronic® with DSP and Sport shift

George says:

Really? that’s peculiar, I could understand her sentiments if they were
directed at the old 3.2 V6, but this new 3.0T is great. But you really
can’t go wrong, the 2.0T is fantastic. OH and I just remembered the car
that guy was referring to, it was the Acura RDX. Yeah the Acura is cheaper,
but for a reason, the Audi is a much nicer product.

boy638 says:

review the new X3 pls. Btw any plans of reviewing a few cars in a video for
example the Q5 vs X3 etc…

Billy Sou says:

The Q5 is nice, but if I had a choice between this and the BMW X3, I’d take
the X3; the X3 has an Twin Turbo I-6 with 300 lb-ft. and 300 hp. But if you
fill it up with options, the X3 could go over $50k. But the Q5 at its base
turbo at $38k as tested, its a steal.

Taylor B says:

I’m not a fan of those alloys…

Dirkdunning says:

Yo. Best car Eva

Learie Holt says:

could you review the mercedes e350?

Alcatraz DaPrison says:

Which car were u comparing it to?…The comment was removed by the other

ilovearizona says:

I just bought this and it is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!

George says:

Trust me, it isn’t. I have driven both – the audi rives better, has a
superior AWD system, gets essentially the same mpg, and has a nicer

Judd Roye says:

how much is the average payment for filling this car tank?

edmo86 says:

I expected this to be as bad as the X3. Great review. Audi is on a roll

Fred D says:

Could you make a review of the Audi Q7.

hey says:

How is the reliability and maintenance cost on this car?

George says:

I am trying to wrack my brain to remember, but I am coming up short. Sorry
I couldn’t be of help. I can tell you that we did end up buying the Q5 with
the 2.0T and it is a fantastic car. If you are looking in this class I’d
look at this and the BMW X3.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@MrTONYTONYM Thanks. It’s been a while since I drove it but I don’t recall
any issues with increased noise. Structurally I suppose we have to trust
the engineers that they know what they’re doing ;-)

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@Larrygallis Thanks for your requests! I’m working on my spring schedule
now and will post a video blog soon to fill everybody in.

Fred D says:

Could you make a review of the Audi Q7

StStark says:

It’s good, but even with MMI Audi needs to update their dashboard layout
and steering wheels… at the very least to match their A8 lineup because
it’s really not competitive in looks or ease of use.

bg1379 says:

Let us not pretend that there isn’t a price difference..

George says:

Hey Steve, thanks for answering my previous posts – nice to see someone
actually responding for once! Anyways, would you take this over the GLK,
RDX, X3, XC60, RX, EX, and Evoque? And on that note, do you have a review
for the Evoque? Thanks again!


Hey Steve, I really like your reviews! They are objective, detailed and
unbiased. I have a quick question. I noticed that this particular Q5 is
equipped with panromanic sunroof, and i was just wondering whether such
option compromises the structural integrity of the vehicle? And also does
it increase the interior wind noise? Thank you!

Alcatraz DaPrison says:

My Mom got an Audi Q5 2013 6 days…ago…we to got it 2.0T Fully
Equipped(19 inch rims look very nice)+…My mom said she was very
disappointed with a 3.0T because it felt almost the same as 2.0T….2.0T
feels above average

Foxglove says:

This Q5 seems to be best in class of the luxury small SUV / crossovers /
whatever they’re calling them now. Better than the new X3 and better than
Merc GLK for sure.

TripleXXX8700 says:

What about towing capacity. I am guessing it is a lot higher with the six.
People often use these vehicles to tow the ski boat or skidoos to the

Jefferson Reis Rossi says:

It’s a double clutch, not tiptronic as says the video

DancinRandy54 says:

can you also do an acura rdx? thanks :) you have the best reviews!! :)

Alcatraz DaPrison says:

Yeah 2.0 is fantastic…and no i was referring to the new 3.0T (since we
got a 2013 model)…Even our dealer before the test drive said ..”if blind
folded you can only tell a very slight difference between 2.0 and
3.0″…and after she test drove both 2.0 and 3.0…she was dissapointed
with a 3.0…And yes Audi’s feel very expensive inside….If it wasn’t
because of me my mom would of got Lexus RX 350′s without a question just

Jefferson Reis Rossi says:

In Brazil they sell 2.0T with s-tronic and V6 with 7 speed tip, I worked

thebenstrong says:

me like

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