2011 Audi Q5 vs Toyota Sequoia mashup drag race review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) Anybody can race, drag and review a Camaro vs. a Mustang in a straight line. It’s been done tens of thousands of times over the yea…



There is a saying ” don’t trust american wearing worst korean company

2010V6RAV4 says:

A turbo is the ONLY reason the Ecoboost F150 outperformed the NA trucks on
the Ike Gauntlet.

simon rex says:

Why are you suprised the q5 is smaller and has awd 

electropentatonic says:

Race a Turbo and a NA at 6000ft? Why the fuck bother?

bill boris ccencho ramos says:

I like the sequoia

Nicholas Pontrello says:

Lol atsporty, the q5 still would have won! I drive a little a4 sedan and I
swear it is 10 times better than the Tahoe we have. Can’t beat audi’s
quattro awd system

Al-JENO KFO says:

اغبى أسخف برنامج ! دائما غشاشين

Mateo Martinez says:

the sequoia has 385 HP

atsporty says:

sbouldve been a longer distannce since sequoia is not forsprinting. Or
shouldve been an off road challenge

Lord Lucan says:

did he have it in sport mode and floor it. Mine takes off when I do that.
That Sequoia looked like it was being driven by an old lady going to church!

daibadrumu says:

Love your shirt Nate!

nathan adlen says:

@intheworldofcars Yup. That’s the big one.

twisted5abi says:

what if one brings a honda CRV and the other a 4runner

commiedog says:

Awww. You guys forgot to stuff Nathan in the back of the Q5! I like the
look of the Audi a lot. I wish they would sell them with a manual in the
US. Fun race guys!

Bri Guy's Utoob says:

O.K. Now go get the Touareg 3.6 & do it again against the Sequoia. The two
are closer in weight & the Sequoia has about 100 hp on the VW. That will be
a close one for sure.

Александр Шпильчук says:

Хер тебе ауди, Сиквойа лучшая машина!

BernDPeter says:

Ya, some offroad would have been cool. Good joice of music !!

minibus1351 says:

I like his Daewoo tshirt

lexusES350h says:

Sequoia is beast

TheHorizonhobby says:

Toyota shit japanese car!! Audi win! Toyota frog’s car

gene978 says:

Poor Nathan he’s always getting picked on. I am so happy he Came to
VICTORY! BTW nice grin hahaha

TheHorizonhobby says:

@Truknayr23 you are only a stupid person who don’t have the money for buy
an Audi… Speak for yourself, and fuck japanese cars

René Arancibia Montecinos says:

@zloben9000 no shit! and the sequoia is a plane! xD ok no.

Dan P says:

what colour is the Audi? Lava Grey on monsoon?

TheTruthRock says:

how about put 8people in the car and go off road! lol…

The Fast Lane Car says:

@thebenstrong Actually it’s Nathan second win. He won in the Lexus ISF

twisted5abi says:

what a twist

AlternativeUses says:

vw groups 2.0T is such a teriffic engine. my last 2 cars had one and my
next one prob will too

Arjel Agustin says:

go jelly bean

boy638 says:

since everywhere around you are hills, you guys should have had an off road

crazycars2 says:

the VW Tiguan 2.0T would have done just as well for less money (instead of
the Q5) … Simply, each car is designed for different markets, Toyota is a
long-haul house mover, Audi is a people mover.

nasser baarmah says:

no waaaay i have a 2009 sequoia and raced a camaro 2010 ss 0-120 and i wen

SHG3333 says:

all toyota cars if u give it a long road it will fly no matter what it
dosnt mean anything if the audi go faster at the begining see most of the
sport cars in the race go back at the begigng??? y cuz they got strong
after few min ….^^ and toyota owners know that thumps up toyota owners

Feras Bukhari says:

if it were a longer distance the seqouia would’ve won

etoyotarockshsucks says:

@romanmicagearguy The sequoia has 383 hp.

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