2011 Audi Q7 TDI – Drive Time Review

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Drive Time review of the 2011 Audi Q7 TDI by auto critic Steve Hammes.


Audi Q7 says:

A brief review of the 2011 Audi Q7 TDI.

Dan CAR GUY says:

loving this car looks great 

pennypacker93 says:


halldorarni22 says:

that´s why Jeremy LOVEs the R8. yore watching some old top gear shows.

JohnRhysMusician says:

@Sitti2300 No third row in the Cayenne, and a Cayenne is still far more
expensive for a nice trim.

cardonfran says:


1Pueblito says:

yeah but it cost too much money

IsraeliXdude says:

I’m in-love

John O says:

yea, go drive your cooper and fuck a goat

Gagan Preet says:

this is probabaly most powerful car diesel engine on earth

Arlind22 says:

The price in US is actually really cheap if you compare with the price here
in Europe.

FlyGuy2480 says:

Ditto for my Jetta TDI. The turbocharger once exploded at 110 mph… don’t
ask. :)

Spyster007 says:

@rickyhdz7 I have the new redesigned touareg tdi, and i can say i’m totally
enamered with it. I’ve been averaging over 35 us mpg combined, which is
unheard of with a vehicle this size. Mind you the mileage is getting better
with more miles on the odo. It may even get better. It also handles like a
sports car. There’s no competition to the Touareg, imho.

Ricky Hernandez says:

@Spyster007 I too have the new Touareg, I bought the 2012 tdi, about 4
weeks ago. I’m in love with the car! I love the interior, performance, fuel
economy etc! VW is really making good redesigns! I’m a big fan of VW and I
would like to see the new 2012 VW Tiguan, which is going to be redesigned.

kalargyi says:

if i am paying $70k for any car, i wouldn’t worry if i get 15mpg or less.

MrFrozenCanuck says:

Some expensive options there, but I like the idea of a diesel.

Taylor Braney says:

@crimsoninred it’s $72,000 someone who buys this has money for maintenence

Michi Scholl says:

We want to be effincent.

jaworq says:

1:11 – looong braking distance ;/

d0ugz24 says:

I’m sorry that TDI logo on the side looks plain awful.

Alex Mbwilo says:

this is my dream car but i prefer new VW toureg

Sanpedranoazul says:

It´s not that economical!

John O says:

hahahahaha. nice. by the way, no disrespect meant by “go fuck a goat and
drive a cooper”

Tazz Rana says:

the difference lies in number of seats. You would wish to consider the
spacious Q7 over the touareg if you have your parents and your kids to haul
around on weekends.

Vik Rana says:

I get 35 mpg on moterway if I keep it at around 65 to 65

Marlon C. says:

@stevehammes Is this Sarcasm? Lol

Marlon C. says:

@stevehammes Hey Steve how does it do off road (in off road mode) I know
its not a land rover but mabe some medium duty?

Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

I’m in fool in love

2207paris says:

its even funnier that in Greece we have crisis and everywhere you look you
see cayennes, q7, x5 THEY ARE EVERYWHERE

Sitti2300 says:

Hmmmm… at this price range, you might want to consider Porsche Cayenne

Kevin Hyde says:


Adrianos Fidi says:

does it have that Widget , for idiots who accidently put Gas ?

The Photo Booth Chick says:

This is an amazing car but the reviews are bad… What’s going on Audi?!?!?


just too flimsy and too expensive

Jeffrey Ross says:

I love my TDI even though I have to fill it up once a week for my wife
since she refuses to use the dirty diesel refueling stations.

Learie Holt says:

Love it! Gotta love Audi’s ingenuity, adjusting to the times

australianmade74 says:

@rickyhdz7 v10 is way underpowered at 230kw

homeboyskilletfresh says:

Ive seen the tdi go up to 35+ mpg b4

Nathan Stice says:

and the point of that is?….

AnonymoussourceL0L says:

Audi likes to hump the diesel tree lol.

halldorarni22 says:

yeah you would like in iceland where i live the liter of gas costs a
fortune then you care. my mom is crazy about her new x5 because it always
need to bee filled up. but my dad is very pleased with his brand new Q7.
you can drive more than 1000 km on one tank. trust me many people care even
here where this car costs $120.000

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