2011 Audi Q7 Test Drive & Review

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Steve sets sail for a sunset cruise in the new 2011 Audi Q7.


xBuzz996 says:

you got amazing videos, but one thing i dont get is that why you wont
mention the bad part of the car. Cant you please start doing that?

golemmann says:

thanks for your fantastic videos..

Qasim Mir says:

Still rather have a Range Rover!

josin2500 says:

your videos are awesome!

localmotion411 says:

He is so creepy. Geez.

gumbie05 says:

Nothing more boring than watching a car video driving in the “DC” area? No
character to the background images (ie no desserts, mountains, city
skyline, ocean back drop, etc…). Like the host but that “non-scenic”
backdrop really kills these reviews! 

Richard Nieves says:

Favorite reviewer.. well done in providing info and entertaining at the
same time

jetfightercn says:

are you really believing what you are saying. transportation is a “Waste”

truckso2pl says:

nice shoes dude :P

Alex Jhon says:

I touch mine everyday

chigasaki06 says:

Why the french toast would you buy such a big ass vehicle? Do you have 6
kids or do you live with a big family? Secondly, how the hell are you a
software engineer already and you’re only 20, did you start college at 12
or something?

ILoveMarinaDiamandis says:

I like boats.

George Glaser says:

own the 2013 TDI Q7. over 400lbs torque, With the entire family in the car
doing 80 on interstate 95 with the AC. We averaged 28 miles to the gallon.
28 miles a gallon in a 7000lb plus car. 20k on the speedo no problems at

chigasaki06 says:

Oh, and its not necessary to tell the world what you did with your previous
car, no one asked! Just say that I had a lexus IS show off.

Ferrarifazer5269 says:

Mercedes GL is better as people can actually sit in the 3rd row unlike Q7

James Otieno says:

What do you do with your life? Thanks

analanalyst says:

the x5 shits all over the q7, this car is too custy

2207paris says:

this and the range rover are the car that represent SUV class better than
anything else..!

Bouki Bi says:

I have seen a couple of reviews of this guy. He’s a fucking passionated
guy. I hope that he can afford one of these luxury cars, if not, the end of
each test must be a fucking torture for him.

woostar88 says:

X5 doesn’t shit on anything. Maybe x5 M might…

nane1ride says:

Yes, the car does look expensive and cool and all that stuff that gets to a
nice commercial. But if you really want to know, I’ve driven it for two
weeks and I don’t like it. The truth is its big, well designed looks cute
and stuff, but I hate those enormous mirrors and that thick steering wheel.
You can hardly see the front end, and inside its ugly plastic. Seats are to
simple for so called comfort, u sink in that car, not good for cursing.
Compare it to Merc G, GL or ML classes its rubbish !!!

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

Italians cars Untouchable and Bellissimaaaa

TheGhanjamon says:

When you drive a Saturn….believe me….it looks money!

Nikitaa Gandhir says:

Gimme one!! God, you’re SO LUCKY!!

omar matar says:

That is my dream car, this is the kind of car I’d like to look at every
morning. There is something pleasant about the shape of an Audi especially
the Q7 (in my point of view)

buleakonk says:

maybe he can probably bargains ma wife.

CavanRail001 . says:

I just call it the “Beast” . I’d be out driving with the family and just
see one on the road, and both wife and son would know straight away what
car I was talking about if I said, there’s the beast !

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:

Excuses me ,

VainEldritch says:

Unfortunately the Range Rover is about as reliable as a lottery win. I have
a Range Rover, the wife has a Q7 – my Ranger has been to the shop 6 times
this year for mechanical and electical failures (same rendering the car
undrivable) while the Q7 has not had one problem in four years. For the
money I paid for the Range Rover I could have almost bought a V12 Q7… :(

MrYuotube01 says:

Heck yea. And u can get the V12 turbo diesel also. It has 1000 torque.

halldorarni22 says:

i dont know really. we have nice cars and house but most of the
úrtásarvíkingar lost all there money in 2008.

srk7555 says:

Golly Gosh… What a Surprise!!! I’d like to thank the Academy and my
producer and my director and my camera crew and my therapist and my
psychiatrist and my dentist and my personal trainer and my personal chef
and my personal bodyguard and my personal witch doctor and my personal
psychic and my personal dog and …oh yeah…the wife and kids…plus of
course my one and only Fan! Thanks..:) Steve

obrijanu marian says:

what a loser make a test drive is a car for off road not for a city go and
wach top gear and after that make a test drive

Pavle Kocoski says:

yea right.X5 is 10 times better then q7, can you tell me how?

sogmund says:

The 2011 cars was released in 2010, it’s very common. You can buy the new
2013 cars at the car dealer now if you want to.

James Otieno says:

I see, am a Network Engineer too working on my CCNP think of going CCIE. I
envy you at that age? I drive a 2002 A4 in love with Audis too.

Nikitaa Gandhir says:

The Car’s big . .

Nikitaa Gandhir says:

I love the car on road in the Video.. I wanna replace him at the driving
seat. He can sit next to me and review the car. I have no problem! :)

vermette910 says:

smile every mile! lool just got sold on that genius line :p

Sapo Frito says:

i love to qseven

Rosloyoy5 says:

it may drive like a dream, it just doesn’t look the money

Gam3WalkthroughFPS says:

I got 3 of this….. in test drive 2

andrikusha says:

Great review!!!!

Pavle Kocoski says:

you are just jealous, probably you can’t afford it.Just don’t tell me that
the japs are done better, cause they are really fragile, like they are made
out of paper. Yes Audi was less reliable before, but lately they are
building much more reliable and desirable cars, and SUV

racer83ify says:

“Clean Diesel”

Alessio Vigna says:

Half German. Maybe 3/4 German

srk7555 says:

Ha….! That maybe true…but you’d only get one shot at it..:) Steve

Moni Poppaea Di Maria says:


r1pster says:


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