2011 Audi R8 5.2 Review – Kelley Blue Book

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The Audi R8 is a favorite among the staff at Kelley Blue Book. So when Audi added a second model to the R8 range featuring a more powerful 525-horsepower V10…


Maxence Carlier says:

Manuel , enough said

Detc0re says:

awesome, didn’t know you can drift a quattro that much. Are they all
transferring more power to the rear or just the r8?

loyal4 the way says:

Man… what a car!!! 

DedicationBlog says:

Really good review and I loved those shots of it going through the water. I
bought a used V10 R8 a few days ago and pick it up in a couple of weeks –
watching this video made me look forward to getting it even more :)

fullboostturbo1 says:

Dear Santa, before I die could I please have one of these please pretty
please, I promise to be good till then.

TheCreatorlife says:

amazing review!

Hubert Wilflingseder says:

jaaaaawohll ;-)

vayne361 says:

shiit the car is on fire

cubanboy740 says:

I drive r8s alot

TbOoOx says:

I’ll do this! ;)

LamboyV10 says:

i own 1

Amy al says:

This is one of my favourite cars, next to the ferarri 458 italia!

hotshot1240 says:

wat about food

ruskeee says:

it varies greatly from state to state. but you can look it up via the

hector suazo says:


WideLapin says:

Greatest car ever

Arne Matthijssen says:

‘shift… fire!” that made my day :)

Tavis Lin says:

this is where being the only child really shines. ill just ask my parents
to buy it for me once i get my degree because their money will eventually
be my money anyway

Frank Ding says:

you guys just got a new subscriber :)

Carlit0Tit0 says:

It’s probably his parents car. Or the parents bought it. My brother has an
R8, but it’s the V8 not the 2011 version. He never let’s me drive it though

Mia Tutos says:

Oh is the car of christian grey and anastasia steele on fifty shades of
grey,congratulations is a grand car♥

Daniel Kemnitz says:

5:26 who said AWD cars couldn’t drift? :b

Maja Nicolas says:

This car is perfect. But i have to wait 20 years to buy it bcs its a little
bit expensive.:D

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

how much is the average of salary of americans anyway, may i ask?

Ammar Al-Donaifat says:


KGBattlecock says:

Are you serious? 1st gear is what you pull out it, each gear allows a car
to pick up more speed without ripping the rear end out, you may want to
invest in an automatic if you are driving age and are that ignorant to how
to drive a manual.

aodterjang says:


Ryan Barnes says:

I want your job

Navid Hadi says:

Lol not with that kind of salary. Your not thinking about tax, insurance,
gas, maintenance……

CokenOpi says:

thats my plan my man :)

eduardo falcon says:

I saw that car yesterday, i poped in my pants

mark raboy says:

he makes me realize how poor i am! jeeezz..

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