2011 Audi S4 review

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2011 Audi S4 review from www.motormouth.ca.


Vavazelus says:

The BMW 335i will never catch up to the S4. Reason? No all wheel driver
with sports diff. 

SBWayne636 says:

fuck, s4 is pure elegance

david dykeman says:

I love Lacey

Giles Bonner says:

i am sorry but i cant take this woman seriously lol

TheEryk03 says:

S4 vs M3?! Why? Because S4 kills 335i as bitch??? Non sens. Audi makes much
better cars and that is normal.

Motormouth Canada says:

Not sure the name of the colour, this was over a year ago.

ctrent859 says:

She is beautiful:)

viktor4o says:

she is pretty and has a hot voice. just saying. good car too tho

bill getz says:

What is the exterior color of your test car??

swunt10 says:

all new??? wrong. just wrong. what kind of “review” is that.

MrFunk says:

The S4 is 333hp on paper but it’s actually underrated. Thousands of dyno’d
S4′s put down 300 HP at the wheels which is 360HP at the crank. A tuned S4
will put down 370 HP at the wheels which is 450HP at the crank which KILLS
the M3 which is 320 HP at the wheels. These cars really should be compared
to the M3, not the 335.

dcharizard91 says:

@myselfbwahahahaha The color is Meteor Gray. I have this color on mines.

harvey halloway says:

I prefer the previous S4 with the 344bhp V8, a very characterful motor.
Plus, I prefer UK reviews, too much waffling in this review (informative
that it is), too much ‘elevator music’ in the background & not enough sound
of that supercharged V6, which is a large reason why people like these
high-powered German expresses!

Mickey Mouse says:

Is there an optional package that includes this gal?

lupischuckle says:

Yeah well my F450 has 700lb ft of torque! Of course, it does take an hour
and a half to reach 60…. :s Really nice car though, I prefer it to the
BMW only because you see a 3 series at every other corner.

sid203 says:

whoa – lacey….you’re hot !!!

Daniel Almodovar says:

@Motormouthcanada I believe it’s Daytona Grey

Guilly Lopez says:

This is not a kitchen 0.o ?

Simon Irwin says:

gushing ! bhahahahahaha

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